Fatal Bicycle collision mid-town Tucson

8/8/2020 ~ 10PM. Fatal collision along the 3300 block of E Grant Road near Northway (east of Country Club Road). The name of the bicyclist was not released.

“…it was determined the bicyclist was traveling eastbound on Grant Road in the middle multi-use turn lane.It appears the bicyclist veered into the eastbound median lane and was struck from behind by a …”

For crash categorization purposes in FARS, this will likely be  an unsafe lane change by bicyclist (in other words, it’s not a motorist overtaking / strike from behind).

Tangentially related, in the footer of the TPD press release, they always place a traffic fatality summary for City of Tucson comparing current year to previous year period. The number of vehicle (so enclosed vehicle occupants) and motorcyclist is shockingly high year-over-year. Up 200% … can that be? (11 vs. 36). Peds fatals are down a good bit, bicyclist fatals are flat.

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Double fatality in Glendale on Thunderbird

Sunday 7/12/2020 ~ 7:30pm, Near 51st Avenue and Thunderbird Road double bicyclist fatality in a crash.

In a news report nearly devoid of any details other than approximate time and location; no updates as of mid-day.   Glendale Police apparently released some details, including the names of the persons killed, that were reported MOnday afternoon. This describes a right-angle collision at the intersection of 52nd and Thunderbird, the bicycle was southbound on 52nd and was struck after presumably failing to yield by a westbound motorist on Thunderbird.

This area is near ASU West campus; that corner is heavily commercial. Sunset was 7:39PM.

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Bicyclist dies while “crossing midblock” 19th ave / Bethany Home

5/27/2020 ~ 4AM. A male bicyclist was “crossing midblock” on Bethany Home Road near 19th Ave, Phoenix when he was struck by a west bound driver.

I-17 is about a mile west of there. It’s a heavily commercial area. “Crossing midblock” implies pedestrian behavior.

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3 y.o. Glendale boy killed by hit and run driver

5/21/2020 ~ 1PM Hit and run driver of Jeep killed 3 y.o. Carson, who was riding in a trailer pulled by father. Carson’s mother was also injured.

The family was north on the eastside (that’s an odd way to describe it; it appears to describe the group was cycling “in the direction of traffic”) of 70th Avenue, just north of Villa Theresa Drive, when a vehicle heading south ran over the bike trailer.

This is a wholly residential area.

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Female bicyclist killed in Picture Rocks crash

4/1/2020 6:37pm According to a tucson.com news report, a female bicyclist was seriously injured in a  crash. (The datafile lists it as a fatal collision meaning she died sometime later; i was unaware of the crash at the time, although it was briefly reported on in the news media. It showed up quickly in the crashfile,  only 1 week after the incident which is somewhat unusual for a fatality / serious injury crash. Continue reading “Female bicyclist killed in Picture Rocks crash”

Killed in bike lane by distracted driver

Stock photo of distracted driver in Chandler who caused death (photo: Sky12)

5/9/2020 victim Ed Rockland

According to a public post on Ed Rockland’s facebook , Ed’s wife Carole made this announcement “This morning Ed and I were riding our bikes safely in a bike lane when he was struck from behind by a driver checking his cellphone”.

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Woman bicyclist killed in collision w/truck, horse-trailer

5/10/2020 ~7PM. 32nd St and Broadway Rd, Phoenix. victim 35-year-old Nicole Hicks.

Sunset was 7:19PM so not dark; depending on direction, sun glare could have been a factor.

The news description was a bit light on details; other than to mention the bicyclist was in a crosswalk, and that “Police say the driver failed to stop for a red light and was issued citations”.  No directions were included.

If the driver “ran” a red light, they should be charged with 28-672. It could also or additionally be a right-turn-on-red error. A somewhat common scenario is a driver approaching a red light rolls through while turning without looking or seeing a counter-flow bicyclist that has entered the crosswalk on a green/walk. Continue reading “Woman bicyclist killed in collision w/truck, horse-trailer”

Man on bike hit and killed by car in north Phoenix

5/6/2020 Wednesday around 11pm. The bicyclist was 61 y.o. Anthony Groth.

Driver was NB on 7th St; bicyclists was WB on Carol Ave. Police said the bicyclist failed to yield, (Carol Ave would have a stop sign). These directions were per fox10phoenix.com. The account at azfamily.com has a slightly different account, saying only that it was 7th Street “near” Hatcher. (Hatcher is parallel to and a few hundred feet south of Carol). So it’s not clear from the news statements whether or not it was at an intersection, or mid-block. The azcentral (Arizona Republic) has some apparent errors, sourced to the Phoenix Police spokesperson.

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Phoenix Bicyclist killed by hit/run SUV driver

1/16/2020 ~ 5:30PM Bicyclist fatality “near 15th and Southern avenues, when a bicyclist identified as Mario Hernandez Roman, 25, was in the two-way left turn lane and was struck by a white SUV headed eastbound on Southern Avenue, according to police.” The driver fled the scene (a criminal felony), the damaged vehicle was located nearby. The owner of the vehicle told police it was stolen.

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Tucson bicyclist wrong-way headon

11/19/2019 12:50PM. A wrong-way bicyclist collided headon with the driver of a pickup along 22nd Street, near South Vista Overlook Drive. According to the news report (and the picture seems to corroborate) that both were in the curb lane (the right-most of 3 thru lanes there); what’s weird is that places the bicyclist ~ 15 feet from the curb since there’s both a BL and an RTO lane there (it’s a very wide road).

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Tucson cyclist killed by hit&run driver on Park Ave

11/15/2019 3:09AM A hit and run motorist drifted (or otherwise was driving) in the Bike Lane, northbound S Park Ave near E 27th St, Tucson and killed 45 y.o. bicyclist Michael Noriega.

HIT AND RUN BE ON THE LOOKOUT: suspect vehicle: dark-colored pickup truck similar in style to a Ford Ranger. See something say something; a sharp eyed neighbor enabled police to make arrest in ped-fatal hit/run in Chandler a few weeks ago.


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Teen hit, killed on bike while crossing Gilbert street

9/24/2019 ~ 6PM Gilbert Police said a 15 y.o. girl was seriously injured while crossing Greenfield Road after being struck by a southbound(not sure?) driver. She died the next morning.

This is at the trail crossing of Greenfield Road and the Western Power Line / Sun Circle Trail. The crossing there, unlike many of the others further west, has no signal or markings. Continue reading “Teen hit, killed on bike while crossing Gilbert street”

Bicyclist dies after injuries in hit-run Prescott Valley crash

Aug 20, 2019 ~ 8PM. The crash occurred near the intersection of East Frontage Road and North Starlight Drive, Prescott Valley. There were no details on the manner of collision.

Hit and run, bicyclist suffered serious injuries and died several days later on Aug 26. The suspect driver was book on suspicion of aggravated assault, etc.; hinting the police believe the driver was impaired and caused the crash. Now that the victim has died, charges would presumably be upgraded to a homicide.

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Tucson bicyclist dies months after hit-and-run collision

3/12/2019 A hit and run driver struck a bicyclist along West Ajo Way near Interstate 19. The bicyclist 70 y.o. David Ramirez died in July of injuries suffered.

Readers of these pages will recall the justice system in Arizona fails to treat hit and run drivers as serious criminals,  despite it being a serious felony.

Also as a statistical note, this death will not “count” statistically as a traffic fatality because the victim died more than 30 days after the incident; these and other non-fatality-fatalities get recorded below the line in the spreadsheet

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