Bicyclist killed after colliding with commercial vehicle in Gilbert

5/31/2017 morning, 33/F victim Jenna Taylor was killed at the intersection of Val Vista and Ray Roads in Gilbert, AZ

A second bicyclist was involved but no info was released on them.

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Bicyclist killed in Right hook South Tucson semi crash

What’s wrong with this picture?

2/16/2017 ~noon. 60-year-old Robert Lucke was killed in what was described as a classic right hook crash with a semi at South Sixth Avenue and East 36th Street, S Tucson. Both were traveling north on South Sixth Avenue in the curb lane when the truck  turned right. Continue reading “Bicyclist killed in Right hook South Tucson semi crash”

How to make a right turn

These are references to California-specific laws.

In mid December 2016 (SanFrancisco Bike Coaltion) issued a warning regarding how Uber autonomously driving cars make right turns. At nearly the same time Uber has de-camped from CA (see e.g. this 12/22/2016 article from recode), literally loading their fleet onto car carriers and driving them to…. Arizona! The decision was based on CA’s regulatory environment for autonomously-driven cars; Uber decided they didn’t want to pursue special permitting which the CA DMV said was required, whereas Arizona has no special permitting required — so long as there’s a live driver sitting in the driver’s seat. More about Uber, below. Continue reading “How to make a right turn”

Bicyclist killed in Phx semi truck right-hook crash

[synopsis: this is not a “classic” right hook; the cyclist appears to have been riding on the sidewalk and entered into the crosswalk (or “just south of the crosswalk”)  just before the collision with a right-turning semi]

11/24/2015 0540am. Phoenix police say bicyclist Krystle Ann Klain, 33, was riding eastbound on Glendale Avenue, approaching 43rd Ave where she collided with a right-turning semi-truck driver.

The news reports don’t mention if the bicyclist was riding in the roadway, or on the sidewalk/crosswalk. There doesn’t appear to be a Bike Lane there, which would lead me to speculate it was a sidewalk thing. (the crash database says the cyclist was in the crosswalk, the crash narrative is different: it states ROADWAY, but goes on to say “due to report management system limitations box 24 [bike/ped location] was not accessible to check unknown location for the bicyclist (Unit 1) as it is undetermined if she was in the crosswalk or immediately south of it”), and in to report box 24 has no entry. Continue reading “Bicyclist killed in Phx semi truck right-hook crash”

Tucson cyclist dies two days after right-hook crash

4/20/2015 Lawrence Lacroix, 76 died of injuries (complications?) sustained in a collision with a right turning motorist. Both the cyclist and motorist were EB on Silverlake Rd when the motorist turned right at Cottonwood Lane, Tucson, colliding with the cyclist. Continue reading “Tucson cyclist dies two days after right-hook crash”

Should Warner Road bike lane have a “Combined” Turn Lane?

A standard sign with placard, “legalizes” thru-bike usage.

it is a common occurrence — familiar to every bicyclist — where you can be riding along a perfectly nice bike lane only to have it disappear for various reasons.

Bike lanes are highly prized for making cycling “more comfortable”; so I think it’s safe to say disappearing bike lanes would be considered quite stressful, and an impediment to cycling for many cyclists.

Disappearing Bike Lane; Warner Rd at Hardy Dr, Tempe, AZ

I have, over the past year, had occasion to regularly ride along Warner Road in Tempe (this area is sometimes referred to as “south” Tempe. Here’s a map of the general vicinity) between I-10 (the city limit) and McClintock Drive; it’s about 3.5 miles. The road is very much an arterial road with two fast through lanes (45mph, if i recall correctly) plus a bike lane each way plus some sort of middle lane throughout (it’s usually a TWLTL; two way left turn lane; it becomes a left turn lane at major intersections). The difficulty is at every intersection where there is a right turn only lane, the bike lane is dropped ~ 250′ from the intersection. This dropping occurs asymmetrically at some, but not all, of the major intersections. It is most prominent westbound: the lane drops at McClintock, Rural, Kyrene, Hardy, and Priest Drive. That is FIVE TIMES in three miles! Continue reading “Should Warner Road bike lane have a “Combined” Turn Lane?”

Tucson bicyclist killed in collision with Semi

19-year-old bicyclist Albert Rich and the driver of a right-turning semi collided westbound Broadway Blvd at Campbell Ave, Tucson; Wed 7/3/2013 evening. A so-called “right hook” collision.

This comes on the heels of a ped struck in a Tucson crosswalk last week (June 28, 2013) but died the same day as Rich. “Eddie Sagastume was walking across East Grant Road at North Arcadia Avenue about 8 p.m. June 28… The intersection was lit and there was a marked crosswalk, police said.” Continue reading “Tucson bicyclist killed in collision with Semi”