Bicyclist killed in crash along Camelback near 42nd St

Very light on details, the entire blurb below is from 12news and there seems to have been no other coverage, other than to have been picked up/repeated on a personal-injury lawyer’s blog.

12/9/2021 8:20am near Camelback and 42nd Ave. No mechanism was given. There is no 42nd avenue there, but what would align with 4200 west block of Camelback is an off-ramp for Grand Avenue ( a.k.a. US60, which is apparently limited access in that area) to Camelback Road.


PHOENIX — A man riding his bicycle was killed Thursday morning after a motorist struck him near 42nd Avenue and Camelback Road.

The Phoenix Police Department said the bicyclist was hit at about 8:20 a.m. and died at the scene of the collision.

The motorist remained at the scene and has been cooperating with law enforcement, police said. It does not appear speeding or impairment were contributing factors to causing the collision.  — 12news


One thought on “Bicyclist killed in crash along Camelback near 42nd St”

  1. I remember seeing a short blurb about that when it happened. How Phoenix PD can chalk this up to an unavoidable “accident” is a little hard to understand. It happened in daylight, an hour after sunrise, in an area with no visibility restrictions and posted 40 mph. Westbound traffic is slowed by traffic congestion approaching 43rd and eastbound by the light at for the Grand Avenue off ramp.

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