Hit and run driver drives over two women on Scottsdale sidewalk

photo: Tami M. Hoey

6/4/2020 7pm. A hit and run driver drove over the sidewalk and seriously hurt two women who were walking on the sidewalk in Old Town Scottsdale. Injuries are said to be serious, with one “fighting for her life”.

Police arrested a suspect, Allami Hussain, nearby a short time later.

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2-year-old dies walking on sidewalk


3/7/2020 ~9:40am. Add this to the list of seriously how often does this happen?. A driver “lost control” and drove up on  the sidewalk, killing a 2-year old who was walking there with his parents. Hayden near Royal Palm Road, Scottsdale.

12news: 2-year-old dies after being struck by car in Scottsdale



Tempe’s Local Ordinance

[Council Meeting 8/15/2019 ordinance was finally passed; jump below to #reference for links to document; also see efforts beginning October ’19 to update this code]

Background is two events; one was the death of Xiaoying Wen who was killed in a crosswalk in Nov 2017 proceeding with a walk signal; after being struck by a driver who made what would normally be considered a “bad left”. Tempe Police stated that due to local law, the bicyclist was at fault. Many people, including me, think of that as being a wrong, or wrongful determination — whether it be a wrong interpretation or a bad ordinance.

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Driver jumps curb, kills Mesa man on sidewalk

victim Dana Machado was killed while walking on the sidewalk

9/23/2018 9:30am pedestrian 48 y.o. male Dana Machado was killed when a driver drove onto the sidewalk where the victim was walking his dog. Police arrested driver Richard Cruz on susp of DUI and are awaiting tox results.

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13-year-old boy struck, killed on sidewalk in south Phoenix by susp impaired driver

(Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

12/1/2017 ~ 1:30pm A SB driver 19th Ave near Broadway, Phoenix while speeding and illegally passing vehicles (i.e. driving SB in NB lanes), lost control and drove up on the sidewalk, killing 13 y.o. Cordell Gooch

Police say there were “early indications that the driver showed signs of impairment”

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Sidewalk driver accused of murder in a ‘random act of violence’

A driver drove up on the sidewalk and killed a woman and injured her child near 41st St and Jomax, Phoenix.

Police describe the incident as murder, and a ‘random act of violence’. Quite.

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ASU doctoral student killed in Tempe crosswalk crash

“Left Cross” collision

[ 1/29/2018 City of Tempe is considering changing cyclist right-of-way rules. This is potentially very involved and intricate. See both below, and also see letter and replies from Councilman Keating sent as CAZBike ]

[ 11/24 Updates on this shocking crosswalk fatality continue to ooze out from Tempe police, as the grieving family of Xiaoying Wen came to Tempe from China seeking answers; “Tempe police said both had the green light, but Wen failed to yield, and Tempe city law dictates that bicyclists must yield to motorists”. See below for this bad local law. LAB Bike Friendly GOLD? ]

The 11/21 News story says the crash occurred ‘last week” ? news media seems to report less and less.
Date:  [Thursday 11/16/2017 ~ 4:15pm per comment below] Location: intersection of Rural Road and Vista del Cerro Drive
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Phoenix media blitz addresses wrong-way riding

Phoenix last week rolled out a major media blitz to target wrong-way riding

bike-sign-2-tipsThey all struggle with the fact that the direction of riding on sidewalks, in Phoenix, is not regulated. In other words, it’s not illegal to ride counter-flow on Phoenix sidewalks. But they didn’t do a scrupulous job of noting the difference between legal counter-flow sidewalk riding, and the (always) illegal counter-flow street riding. Since the State of Arizona has chosen not to regulate riding on the sidewalk at all, and individual cites do, the topic is voluminous —  for much much more about sidewalk riding see sidewalk-cycling-in-arizona.

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Bicyclist killed at driveway 43rd Ave and Bell

Think about where each of these motorists is looking before crossing the sidewalk. graphic: cyclingsavvy.org
Think about where each of these motorists is looking before crossing the sidewalk. graphic: cyclingsavvy.org

[UPDATE: crash report, below. This was a counter-flow direction SIDEWALK rider, killed at a driveway by a right-turning driver. JUST like in the diagram at right]

Tuesday March 31, 2015 time appox early afternoon: the bicyclist was a 20 y.o. female, Jamie Lynn Cody. Police say she was riding SB in a NB lane on 43rd Ave near Bell when an exiting vehicle (possibly the Schwann’s truck seen in the video) turned right and struck her. I.e. the rider was counter-flow in the roadway. This appears to be the NE corner; there is a designated bike lane there, looks to be the driveway nearest Whataburger / Hobby Bench.

The illustration at right is meant to highlight the dangers of sidewalk riding, however the same advice applies to counter-flow street riding, possibly moreso… The driver of a vehicle exiting the driveway when turning right is going to be looking to the left; and especially isn’t expecting any traffic (in the roadway) to approach from his right). Besides the 2013 Scottsdale incident, mentioned below, there have been at least two more recent fatalities, both in Tempe involving wrong-way bicyclists killed in collisions with right-turning drivers (6/12/2014 at Elliot and Harl; and 10/3/2013 at Univerity and Smith). These are, by the way, the only known bicyclist fatalities in Tempe for those two years.

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Yuma bicyclist killed in crosswalk collision

I had missed this one, and only found it when reconciling asdm data and searching on Yuma and Magnolia… There was both a police press release (laced with the a-word! Most police know better than that?) as well as a Yuma Sun article.

The cyclist was riding Eastbound on the North sidewalk (i.e. “counter-flow”) of 8th St; the driver was southbound on Magnolia — at the signalized intersection — and made a right hand turn (who had a red light? Is this another right turn on red error? (no, according to the investigation, see below); colliding with the bicyclist in the crosswalk. Continue reading “Yuma bicyclist killed in crosswalk collision”

Elderly bicyclist killed in crosswalk by right-turning motorist

I can’t find any mention of this fatality anywhere. I found it only because it appears in asdm data for 2014.

The location of the fatal collision is Dobbins Rd and 51st Ave. This appears that it could be a right on red turning error by the motorist; Continue reading “Elderly bicyclist killed in crosswalk by right-turning motorist”

Crosswalk cyclist killed in crash w/ turning semi driver

Victim 23/M Brandon Rutledge; 11/6/2014, no time specified, video indicates it was daylight. 59th Avenue & Roosevelt, Phoenix; A semi tractor (video shows no trailer) was turning right from 59th Ave (direction was not specified) on to Roosevelt. The bicyclist had been riding on the sidewalk on 59th and continued through crosswalk, though the direction is not specified. “(phoenix police) did say the bicyclist appears to have broken some traffic laws” may be incorrect, Phoenix PD tends to fault bicyclists riding in crosswalks despite it not being illegal. I have attempted repeatedly to point this out to Phoenix PD; e.g. when an 82-year-old driver left-crossed and killed an 11-year-old girl , they determined the driver had done nothing wrong.

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Cyclist falls in roadway; then fatally struck by passing motorist

Wed, 8/27/2014 ~ 2030. Cyclist 69-year-old Andrew Yearby.  In the area of 43rd Avenue and Crittenden Lane, Phoenix. This was initially investigated as hit and run, however police now believe the man fell in the roadway for unrelated/unknown reasons; and was subsequently run over by the driver of a Toyota Camry. Continue reading “Cyclist falls in roadway; then fatally struck by passing motorist”

Cyclist killed at south Tempe intersection

preface: ALWAYS ride with the flow of traffic; even on the sidewalk…

A cyclist was killed Thursday (June 12, 2014) morning; at the intersection of Elliot Rd and Harl Dr. I learned his name only  by chance it was in a news story about bicycling and Rural Road: Jesus Pena-Quinonez, age 55. Continue reading “Cyclist killed at south Tempe intersection”