Driver rams into two on sidewalk at Rural and Apache; suspect arrested

The driver of a white pickup careened onto the sidewalk, striking two ASU students walking on the sidewalk, injuring one seriously; the driver fled.

DUI remains a huge threat/problem; are we doing enough to remove illegal drivers from the road? The man arrested was FTA (failure to appear) since Jan 2020 on a November 2019 DUI and driving (then) on a suspended license which was suspended for yet another DUI. Continue reading “Driver rams into two on sidewalk at Rural and Apache; suspect arrested”

Driver arrested in hit/run death of jogger in 2018

April 8, 2018 a hit/run driver killed Taylor White, a 21 y.o. GCU student that was jogging in a crosswalk.

Three years later, a driver was arrest on susp of 2nd degree murder (and presumably, leaving the scene of a fatal). There is much that is not said in the news article. 2nd degree murder indicates police believe they can prove the driver not only caused the crash that resulted (it was in a crosswalk, so that’s probably covered), but that the driver was doing something particularly reckless at the time — normally the only thing that will ever rise to that level is intoxication. The article says nothing about why he was charged that way.

This wouldn’t be the first time diligent policework led to a driver’s hit-and-run arrest much later, see e.g. hit-and-run-and-good-old-fashioned-policework/

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Tempe woman killed at Mill and Baseline in hit-run; suspect arrested

Crash Friday evening around 7:30PM, 4/2/2021. Tempe police say a driver of a pickup towing a trailer made a left northbound Mill turning onto westbound Baseline collided with a 41 y.o. female bicycle. She was dragged to her death, and the driver fled the scene. Police arrested a suspect, Raul Meza Portillo, around 1AM at his home. That he was held on suspicion of 2nd degree murder, as well as leaving the scene indicate police believe he both was intoxicated at the time, and caused the crash.

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hit and run in East Mesa; driver arrested

2/15/2021 ~ 4PM. Driver was sb on 98th St at Broadway Rd and failed to yield at a stop sign to a motorized bicyclist wb along Broadway. The motorized bicyclist sustained life-threatening injuries. The driver fled the scene, a neighbor recognized the car, and MSCO deputies made an arrest. Continue reading “hit and run in East Mesa; driver arrested”

Driver veers into Scottsdale Bike Lane; kills woman and injures man

2/18/2021 One bicyclist was killed and another injured and taken to hospital when a driver “veered” into a BL along Legacy Blvd, near scottsdale Road,  Scottsdale (here’s a sample google street view of the area; location not exact). Continue reading “Driver veers into Scottsdale Bike Lane; kills woman and injures man”

Police arrest driver in high-speed crash that killed 2

Drivers tend to lie after doing something bad.

Also of interest, it’s normally the left-turners “fault”; in this instance the left-turner is dead, but when the other (going straight ahead) driver is doing something horrendously wrong, charges can crop up. See e.g. bad-drivers-and-friendsofcalholman-com


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Man killed by hit-run driver in Tucson backyard

12/17/2020, Thursday night (time not specified; also victim’s name not released). The driver of a Ford F-150 left the road near West Grant & North Oracle crashing thru a fence into a backyard striking and killing a person there, then ran away. Police think the driver may have been drunk.

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Cottonwood PD seek hit and run suspect in bicyclist injury crash

9/28/2020 Injury collision at intersection of N. Willard Street and N. Main Street Cottonwood. Driver fled. Police believe the driver is identified as mentioned below. This is a ‘T’ intersection with Main continuing through, and Willard on the stem of the ‘T’ having a stop sign.

A hit-and-run involving injury or death is a felony, varying from a class 5  to class 2; depending on the extent of the injuries.

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Driver critically injures Mesa Police officer in freeway crash

8/11/2020 around 11am. Horrendous crash on US60 near Greenfield. Is it really too much to ask drivers to look where they are driving? The driver of an enormous* SUV plowed into the rear end of a stopped police cruiser, seriously injuring the officer.

Mesa officer, woman injured in multivehicle crash on east U.S. 60 near Greenfield Road

No word on why the driver wasn’t in control of her vehicle. How will this be handled? for comparison, see: Continue reading “Driver critically injures Mesa Police officer in freeway crash”

Woman bicyclist killed in collision w/truck, horse-trailer

5/10/2020 ~7PM. 32nd St and Broadway Rd, Phoenix. victim 35-year-old Nicole Hicks.

Sunset was 7:19PM so not dark; depending on direction, sun glare could have been a factor.

The news description was a bit light on details; other than to mention the bicyclist was in a crosswalk, and that “Police say the driver failed to stop for a red light and was issued citations”.  No directions were included.

If the driver “ran” a red light, they should be charged with 28-672. It could also or additionally be a right-turn-on-red error. A somewhat common scenario is a driver approaching a red light rolls through while turning without looking or seeing a counter-flow bicyclist that has entered the crosswalk on a green/walk. Continue reading “Woman bicyclist killed in collision w/truck, horse-trailer”

Man on bike hit and killed by car in north Phoenix

5/6/2020 Wednesday around 11pm. The bicyclist was 61 y.o. Anthony Groth.

Driver was NB on 7th St; bicyclists was WB on Carol Ave. Police said the bicyclist failed to yield, (Carol Ave would have a stop sign). These directions were per The account at has a slightly different account, saying only that it was 7th Street “near” Hatcher. (Hatcher is parallel to and a few hundred feet south of Carol). So it’s not clear from the news statements whether or not it was at an intersection, or mid-block. The azcentral (Arizona Republic) has some apparent errors, sourced to the Phoenix Police spokesperson.

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2-year-old dies walking on sidewalk


3/7/2020 ~9:40am. Add this to the list of seriously how often does this happen?. A driver “lost control” and drove up on  the sidewalk, killing a 2-year old who was walking there with his parents. Hayden near Royal Palm Road, Scottsdale.

12news: 2-year-old dies after being struck by car in Scottsdale



Former Waymo contractor arrested in Tempe crash

Will the driver be held accountable for the Waymo Jan 30 crash near Warner and Rural? Video of the incident show a driver who police say is Raymond Tang traveling along a 45mph posted road swerving, weaving, speeding up and slowing down, and finally successfully maneuvering himself in front of another vehicle and “brake-checking” into a minor crash.

Notice that to be guilty of assault, actually causing an injury is not required, merely “(Intentionally) placing another person in reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury” is assault. Using a weapon makes it aggravated assault, a serious felony. The intentionally part can sometimes be hard to prove — though videos of such incidents make it obvious to any reasonable person that the acts were intentional. Continue reading “Former Waymo contractor arrested in Tempe crash”

Phoenix Bicyclist killed by hit/run SUV driver

1/16/2020 ~ 5:30PM Bicyclist fatality “near 15th and Southern avenues, when a bicyclist identified as Mario Hernandez Roman, 25, was in the two-way left turn lane and was struck by a white SUV headed eastbound on Southern Avenue, according to police.” The driver fled the scene (a criminal felony), the damaged vehicle was located nearby. The owner of the vehicle told police it was stolen.

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