Dead Tucson bicyclist is collateral damage; Driver(s!) arrested

Matthew Lee Taleck (photo: Pima County Sheriff’s Department)

Tues March 21, 2023. A driver is accused of making a bad left, causing a collision with another vehicle at East Speedway and North Country Club Road. “The impact forced the (other vehicle) into the bicycle lane and onto a sidewalk, hitting bicyclist Isaiah Williams Escalante,” killing him.

Police say the driver making the left, Matthew Lee Taleck, was impaired, and was arrested and booked by police on suspicion of manslaughter and related charges. The other driver was arrested on an unrelated issue.


Speedway and CC is one of many, many massive intersections here in the southwest where drivers feel free to drive at any speed, with violent results when anything goes wrong.


Tucson cyclist killed when crash sends car into bike lane
Jamie Donnelly Mar 23, 2023 Updated Mar 28, 2023

A driver faces criminal charges after a crash in midtown Tuesday night killed a bystander who was on a bicycle, Tucson police say.

Matthew Lee Taleck, 52, was driving a silver Nissan Frontier pickup truck just after 10 p.m. near the intersection of East Speedway and North Country Club Road when he failed to yield while making a left turn, smashing into a black Honda Accord, a Tucson police news release Thursday said.

The impact forced the Honda into the bicycle lane and onto a sidewalk, hitting bicyclist Isaiah Williams Escalante, 20. He was pronounced dead at the scene, the news release said.

Taleck was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter, property damage and two counts of endangerment.

The driver of the Honda, an unidentified 23-year-old man, was arrested on charges unrelated to the wreck, police said.

Criminal Case

As of June 1, according to Pima Superior Court records, there is no criminal case against any Matthew Taleck

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More Collateral Damage (#another)

3/23/2023 — the headline says it all: Pedestrian killed on Phoenix sidewalk after 2 cars collide, spin out of control near 24th and Northern.
Julian Ibarra was killed while walking on the sidewalk , when one or more drivers  did something illegal, spinning out of control and jumping the sidewalk.

One thought on “Dead Tucson bicyclist is collateral damage; Driver(s!) arrested”

  1. Reedley, CA
    May 23, 2023
    “the vehicle, a white truck, was traveling westbound on Springfield Avenue when the driver sideswiped a parked vehicle, swerved, and over-corrected, which caused him to flip twice and hit the teenager on the bicycle. The teenager was on a sidewalk when he was hit…”
    This is a residential area

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