Warner Road in the 21st Century

68 Foot (curb-to-curb) arterial (the white hash lines on the left and right represent gutters) — Old (top) vs. new (bottom) — BL was minimum; now is 5 feet plus gutter (6.5′ total)

Beginning in 2016, working from west to east, the entire length of Warner Road in City of Tempe has been resurfaced. The last segment, was just completed in May 2022.SMOOTH! Continue reading “Warner Road in the 21st Century”

Suspect Arrested; Goodyear police seek hit-and-run killer

suspect vehicle located as it is towed from suspect’s residence 2 days after fatal crash

Update: suspect arrested; 44 y.o. Richard Romo. Suspect had a long list of dangerous driving problems, as well as other legal difficulties; previous DUI(s; multiple. aggravated DUI) suspended license (why wasn’t probation revoked last year when he was caught driving?); reckless driving. Much more as situation develops. The suspect, the victim, and the victim’s school are all within 1/2 mile or so of each other. This is in a neighborhood. Disgusting. Continue reading “Suspect Arrested; Goodyear police seek hit-and-run killer”

Speeding driver kills two in east Mesa; arrested

Tuesday afternoon 3/22/2022 5:30pm.

Mesa police say 21 y.o. driver Gezane Izreal Cabanillas-Lape was speeding at ~ 100mph along Main street (aka Apache Blvd) at Windsor and struck a minivan; killing both elderly occupants. Police arrested the driver on susp of 2nd degree murder, along with agg assault due to his passenger’s injuries, the news item mentions that impairment is not suspected.

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Jeep Wagoneer’s Massive Appeal

Ha ha, the WSJ’s Dan Neil brings satire and sarcasm to the topic… in an article entitled “Jeep Wagoneer’s Massive Appeal“; that’s with emphasis on ‘massive’ 🙂

You’ll probably need an account to read the full article, but here are a few quotes (any emphasis added): Continue reading “Jeep Wagoneer’s Massive Appeal”

Too narrow to share; and slow speed rules

Review of motorist slow speed rules

Slow-moving Construction vehicle impeding traffic.

— some vehicles are “slow by nature” (e.g. buses, heavy equipment, or most commonly a heavily loaded truck; especially up a grade, etc). Police seem to have no trouble understanding this is not an impeding violation… Continue reading “Too narrow to share; and slow speed rules”

Report reveals Pinal Co Sheriff Lamb’s son was believed to be ‘impaired’ during near-fatal crash w/ bicyclist

Aftermath of near-fatal collision; MSCO says the driver was impaired

7/8/2020 6:45PM San Tan Valley area, on Gary Road just south of Judd Road, at around 6:45 pm on July 8.

A driver nearly killed bicyclist Larry Fawcet when police say he drove off the road; as you can see from the extensive damage on the vehicle, the driver was WAY off the road, striking the bicyclist on the (unpaved part?) of the shoulder. When the investigation report was finally released months after (but still before tox results were released) being harangued by ABC15, it revealed that the driver “… Cooper Lamb failed nearly every field sobriety test administered. The Drug Recognition Expert wrote that Cooper ‘displayed poor balance and fine motor skills, his speech was slow and slightly slurred, and he had major problems with simple comprehension on instructions’.” Continue reading “Report reveals Pinal Co Sheriff Lamb’s son was believed to be ‘impaired’ during near-fatal crash w/ bicyclist”

Woman snuffed out by driver while sitting at bus stop in So Tempe

Mangled bus stop bench is left in wake of a driver who killed woman sitting at bus stop.

1/14/2022 5:30am. 78 y.o. “truck” driver southbound Rural Road near Carver in south Tempe for unexplained reasons lost control and crossed over into northbound lanes, continued on up to sidewalk where he killed 59 y.o. Alice Myskowski who was sitting at a bus stop waiting for her bus to work. Continue reading “Woman snuffed out by driver while sitting at bus stop in So Tempe”

HIT RUN ALERT: red 2-door, 12th St near AZ Canal, Phx

Friday 1/14/2021 ~ 1:30AM. A man riding an electric bicycle 12th St near the Arizona Canal, Phoenix and was struck after falling in the street. The criminal driver fled eastbound on Wagon Wheel dr, police say the suspect vehicle is a red 2-door (sedan, i guess?)

Drivers who flee are usually impaired; driver Alexandra Mendez was arrested last week in connection with the killing of a Chris Owan near Luke AFB before Christmas.

Also note that electric bikes riders are classified as “drivers” (and not bicyclists/pedalcyclists) for statistical purposes.

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Woman sought in connection to a homicide investigation

In case you are keeping score; this will (likely) not be a traffic statistic.

Fatalities that are, or believed to be, caused by intentional acts are not counted as traffic casualties… though the usual criminal ancillary charges would still apply (e.g. hit and run). This being on a reservation and involvement of tribal members changes the venue, i.e. the Pima County Sheriff and prosecutor would not be handling and the jurisdiction becomes federal. (see info linked here)

12/26/2021 1:20AM Tucson. Victim’s name wasn’t release; the suspect is near 7781 S. Camino Benem

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SUSPECT ARRESTED; driver kills man on Northern Ave, Glendale

Alexandra Mendez arrested.  Suspected driver in fatal Hit And Run and manslaughter. photo: MSCO

[ SUSPECT ARRESTED: Alexandra Mendez in connection with this fatal hit and run. By the way, “people” often say hit-and-run drivers not immediately captured in effect can’t be prosecuted  — tell that to Christophen Wakefield Chevalier who went to prison for 5 years after driving up on a Phoenix sidewalk in 2013 killing someone and fleeing. He did his best to hide the car, but it just wasn’t good enough]

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Bicyclist killed in crash along Camelback near 42nd St

Very light on details, the entire blurb below is from 12news and there seems to have been no other coverage, other than to have been picked up/repeated on a personal-injury lawyer’s blog.

12/9/2021 8:20am near Camelback and 42nd Ave. No mechanism was given. There is no 42nd avenue there, but what would align with 4200 west block of Camelback is an off-ramp for Grand Avenue ( a.k.a. US60, which is apparently limited access in that area) to Camelback Road. Continue reading “Bicyclist killed in crash along Camelback near 42nd St”

Man drives up on sidewalk, killed pedestrian in his Tempe neighborhood

Joining the “seriously, how often does stuff like this happen?” file.

Answer is with alarming regularity.

No one is safe from traffic violence.

12/17/2021 7:30AM Pedestrian was walking along Cornell near Forest; this is the neighborhood adjoining Kiwanis park in Tempe. This is a residential area, traffic engineers would call Cornell Drive “collector” street.

The driver, of course, fled the scene. He was later arrested for susp of hit-and-run, and manslaughter and a few other things. Continue reading “Man drives up on sidewalk, killed pedestrian in his Tempe neighborhood”

Bicyclist killed crossing McDowell Rd, Phx by hit-and-run driver

12/16/2021 ~ 10pm

“in the area of 34th Street and McDowell Road, according to a Phoenix Police Department news release… Jeffrey Ray, 53, was riding a bicycle and crossing McDowell Road mid-block”
“A sedan driven by 18-year-old Javon Holston was traveling east on McDowell Road when the vehicle struck Ray and continued driving, according to police officials. Officers found Holston and took him into custody.” — azcentral  Continue reading “Bicyclist killed crossing McDowell Rd, Phx by hit-and-run driver”

Cyclist seriously injured in Prescott by driver; succumbs

9/19/2021 11am Sunday.  Bicyclist Roberto Cota was seriously injured; and ultimately succumbed to injuries sustained in a crash.

The crash was caused when a driver turning left from White Spar onto Haisley, Prescott failed to yield. A so-called “left cross” crash type.

Vehicle Causes Crash Involving Bicyclist on White Spar

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