Scottsdale regulates scooter/bike sharing companies

I can’t possibly keep up with all this… but just to point out, these regulations affect the companies; and have nothing to do with operation and rules of the road. The latest being Scottsdale:

Renting a bicycle or scooter in Old Town Scottsdale? Here are the new rules to know

In one oblique reference to rules-of-the-road,  it mentions/claims “Renters can ride … scooters on sidewalks”; I don’t have time to unpack yet another set of local ordinances but I don’t see how that’s possible ; see e.g. here for Phoenix and Tempe operating ordinances. Continue reading Scottsdale regulates scooter/bike sharing companies

Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act

The state of Delaware passed a package of updates to rules-of-the-road in 2017; as outlined by

In October 2017, Delaware’s governor signed the Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act, placing into state law some cutting-edge, pro-bike reforms that put Delaware emphatically into a category of one among U.S. states when it comes to favorable statutory law treatment of cycling. The highlights:
1. requirement that drivers have to change lanes to pass;
2. the “Delaware Yield” at stop signs;
3. deletion of the “as far to the right as practicable” provision;
4. no aggressive honking at cyclists.


Here is Bike Delaware’s page on the Act. For whatever reason they annoyingly don’t seem to have any of the actual bill, or laws quoted. I have yet to find the actual language of the law, though i’m sure it’s googleable.

PD: Street racing may have led to driver crashing into Tempe building

10/15/2018 9:30PM; Rural Road just north of Guadalupe Road, Tempe. Yesterday evening, a speeding driver lost control, crossing over bike lanes, sidewalk, and eventually ran into a building.

PD: Street racing may have led to driver crashing into Tempe building
TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – A driver has life-threatening injuries after slamming into a building…Police say two drivers were speeding next to each other when one of them spun out and crashed into the building on the corner.

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Suspect arrested in hit-and-run that injured deputy

This horrible incident occurred in Springfield Township, OH October 2018. I’m listing it here as a point of reference regarding hit-and-run and traffic justice. It’s also a good reminder that law enforcement officers face significant risks from dangerous drivers, compared to other occupations risks, e.g. bad guys with guns. Continue reading Suspect arrested in hit-and-run that injured deputy

Wrong-way driver kills bicyclist on A-mountain

10/11/2018 Thursday “morning”; victim 71 y.o. bicyclist Rick Ellwanger
Driver arrested suspected impairment. Wrong-way; hit-and-run; additional pedestrian victims.

On Friday afternoon police identified the suspect as 20-year-old Yanibra Moreno saying she’s being held on susp of 2nd degree murder and leaving the scene.

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Toole Design explains why we don’t have bike lanes in the US

According to Toole, et al, were it not for Forester, we would now have bike lanes everywhere. And not just bike lanes, the entire US would look something like Utrecht, Copenhagen, or Amsterdam.

A Brief History of How American Transportation Engineers Resisted Bike Lanes

The “VC is only for old white males” is a trope. John Forester, author of Effective Cycling reiterates, e.g. in this August 2018 discussion thread (group membership required to see whole thread): Continue reading Toole Design explains why we don’t have bike lanes in the US

What is an e-scooter?

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Just what is an e-scooter?  … what rules of the road apply?

For our purposes here, an e-scooter is an electric powered “kick” scooter that is sized to accommodate up to most adults; with weight limits being typically 220lbs. They travel on level ground up to about 15mph. A very popular model, the Xiaomi which is no longer sold at retail is said to be typical, and the basis for most of the scooter sharing companies, a la Bird, Lime, etc.

This article IS specifically trying to get to the bottom of what definitions and requirements may or may not apply. It IS NOT intended to delve into traffic safety; nor the relative merits of dockless sharing systems

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