Portland man, well-known in music community, killed in crash near Safford, Arizona

10/14/2021 ~ 4:20AM according to the story from the gilaherald Ian Mouser of Portland died as a result of a crash that occurred on US-70 near Haekel Rd, just east of Safford, in Graham County; so somewhere near here.

The nature of the roadway there is a two lane highway (one lane in each direction) with what appear to be relatively wide paved shoulders, and significant rumble strips.

Other reporting stated the victim was on a cross-county bike tour/trip.

The story does not give many details — for example did the bicyclist have taillights/reflectors? I don’t know of any cross-county tourist who does not have (multiple, bright) lights. Was the victim struck from behind? Where on the road was the victim struck? Was it on the shoulder, as seems likely? if so, the driver is prima facia guilty of violating causing death by moving violation, 28-672, a criminal misdemeanor, yet the DPS spokesperson says charges are “unlikely” (do they know about 28-672?). Perhaps the cyclist was riding in the lane for whatever reason; they just didn’t say, although the physical evidence would have clearly established a point-of-impact.

The only other tidbits of information are that the driver remained on the scene, and the DPS spokesperson said “It’s unlikely criminal charges will be filed, however, the investigation is ongoing.” which means the officers on the scene don’t believe the driver was impaired; though it’s not clear whether or not they are investigating any other sources of distraction or negligence.

For the moment, I will tag this as driver drifted; and update when the crash report becomes available; since we don’t know from the sketchy facts presented whether or not this is strike from behind (in lane) or even some other crash mechanism.

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  1. The Gila Herald story has all the markings of the worst of traffic violence reporting. A truck hit the cyclist? #DriverNotCar

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