PHX bike ambassador dies after getting hit by drunk driver

Aug 20, 2021

Hans Hughes was very seriously injured last month after being struck at a downtown Phoenix intersection (1st and Filmore). He subsequently succumbed to injuries. Police say a drunk driver ran a red light, striking the bicyclist, and then fled the scene. He was later arrested…

This is fishy; where is the media and why don’t they ask questions?? “The identity of the suspect was not released” (KTAR). As of late September 24th??!! wtf? These are very serious criminal accusations, felony hit-and-run and (likely) manslaughter (blowing a red light and kill someone is also a misdemeanor);  someone has been arrested, why the secrecy?

Statistical minutia

Hans died on 9/21/2021; making it more than 30 days after the crash. For statistical purposes, this doesn’t “count” for fatality reporting purposes in the federal FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporing System)

“To be included in this census of crashes, a crash had to involve a motor vehicle traveling on a trafficway customarily open to the public, and must result in the death of a person (occupant of a vehicle or a nonmotorist) within 30 days of the crash.” from DOT HS 811 137.




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  1. You are right to ask these questions. Too often, our local media fall down in doing their job when it comes to pedestrian and bicycle crashes.

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