4 y.o. killed

June 27, 2019 time unspecified. 4 y.o. boy Royal  ( parents: Veronica Sandoval & Eric Chavez) killed by pickup in Mesa; not many details. Possibly backing? no location listed; it sort of implies it was near his home.

Gofundme page, JusticeForRoyal, to help the victim’s parents, Veronica Sandoval & Eric Chavez, with expenses.

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Hit and run driver kills man in Somerton

June 22, 2019; time unspecified; A hit and run driver driving on the shoulder killed a 77 y.o. male bicyclist. US95 near County 15th Street., Somerton AZ (Yuma County)

This is possibly a #drifted error, though without more details it’s hard to know; the driver may well have been drunk and lost control.

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Man badly hurt in Chandler collision; succumbs to injuries

taillight (seen here on curb) still blinking [screen grab from ABC15 raw footage]
6/17/2019 ~ 0436am. 62 y.o. male Raymon Granillo w/”life-threatening” injuries. Unconfirmed reports and then a post from Chandler PD a few days later confirmed that the victim died later of his injuries.

Crash occurred southbound Cooper, just N of Ray Road, Chandler, AZ — from the photo in the news article below and some ABC15 raw video  the vehicle appears to be stopped at this driveway. The visible damage is the right front corner and right side. Continue reading “Man badly hurt in Chandler collision; succumbs to injuries”

Bicyclist killed in Tempe

Eastbound Curry approaching College Ave.

1/23/2019 6:14a Victim  66 y.o. male Peter Bergsneider. In the area of College and Curry. It must have been near the intersection because of the mention they were struck next to a left turn lane. One unconfirmed report is that it was eastbound Curry at College, and another unconfirmed report states “the driver was allegedly texting”. Continue reading “Bicyclist killed in Tempe”

Police ID bicyclist hit, killed by vehicle in Tempe; DUI suspected

12/6/2018 ~ 6:30pm. 52nd St & Broadway, Tempe.The driver Jaquin Gurulee, 29, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of manslaughter and DUI.Historical footnote, a bicyclist was killed at this intersection 2/2/20116. In the 2016 incident, police say the bicyclist traveling along Broadway Rd and disregarded a signal.

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Wrong-way driver kills bicyclist on A-mountain

10/11/2018 Thursday “morning”; victim 71 y.o. bicyclist Rick Ellwanger
Driver arrested suspected impairment. Wrong-way; hit-and-run; additional pedestrian victims.

On Friday afternoon police identified the suspect as 20-year-old Yanibra Moreno saying she’s being held on susp of 2nd degree murder and leaving the scene.

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Chandler police investigating collision that killed bicyclist

9/25/2018 ~ 4pm Victim 24y.o. male Daniel J. Clark. (ASDM says 9/26, not 9/25)

Virtually no details were released, other than the approx location of near the intersection of  Germann Road and Airport Boulevard. There is a trail/canal crossing Germann Road there. Continue reading “Chandler police investigating collision that killed bicyclist”

Fatal bicycle-vehicle crash restricts Baseline Road in Gilbert

9/13/2018 ~7PM Bicyclist 40 y.o. female,  Rebecca Benson

No details; Gilbert police announced at 7:14pm that “Officers are on scene investigating a fatal vehicle vs. bicycle collision on Baseline, east of Lindsay Road”. Continue reading “Fatal bicycle-vehicle crash restricts Baseline Road in Gilbert”

2017 Arizona Bicyclist Traffic Fatalities

There were 32 reported bicyclist traffic fatalities in Arizona in 2017.

For a grid-view of each of the 32, see this google docs sheet, which cross-references everything.

16 of the incidents have individual articles about them (tagged 2017 cyclist fatality). Below is a narrative as much as can be determined from either a crash report, or simply the data; for each of the other 16 fatalities that are not other wise documented in an individual article. Continue reading “2017 Arizona Bicyclist Traffic Fatalities”

El Mirage bicyclist killed in early morning hit and run

9/4/2018 “early morning hours”. Victim 20 y.o. Cody Nielsen.

The timeline is a bit confusing but apparently he was struck by a hit-and-runner; then sometime later (at least long enough to make a phone call) while apparently lying in the road (otherwise incapacitated?) was struck by a second driver, who remained on the scene. Police have not released any description of the hit-and-runner(?). Continue reading “El Mirage bicyclist killed in early morning hit and run”

Austrian bicyclist dies in Kingman Crash

4/5/2018 11:05am  Bicyclist Stefan Ganster was struck from behind by the driver of a pickup in the 1200 block of W. Beale Street, Kingman, which is a.k.a. US-93, part of the S.H.S.  He was seriously injured and died of his injuries several days later. A couple of odd remarks from the news story:

He was riding westbound on Beale Street in the curb lane. The pickup driver, also westbound in the inside lane, changed lanes and crashed into the bicyclist.
Vision obstruction and speed are believed to be factors in the crash.

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Driver arrested in Sierra Vista bicyclist fatality

5/8/2018 1:36pm Buffalo Soldier Trail just south of Garden Ave.

Bicyclist 71-year old David Alva was killed. The driver was arrested.

No particulars were given about the crash; I inferred the bicyclist was struck from behind. The road there is wide multi-laned, divided, arterial in addition to wide bike lanes. Continue reading “Driver arrested in Sierra Vista bicyclist fatality”

Glendale bicyclist struck by hit-and-run driver has died

Hit and Run Suspect

Hit and run crash occurred 3/29/2018 ~ 9pm. The bicyclist died of his injuries 4/30.

“Cleon Baker was riding his bike east on Camelback Road near 48th Avenue the night of March 29. Just before 9 p.m., a van – a white Ford Econline with its headlights off, police say — hit him.”

Police are still seeking the driver of a white Ford Econoline van; they believe the driver was caught on surveillance video, described as a Hispanic male, 25-35 years old with a shaved head, mustache, and a thin build.  Continue reading “Glendale bicyclist struck by hit-and-run driver has died”

Man murdered in Scottsdale

security cam footage of assailant escaping

2/22/2018,  N Scottsdale Road, near McDowell. Why this took over three weeks to make the news is very weird!? The assailant escaped after jumping into a black 1995 to 1996 black Nissan 200SX, with a 2nd suspect already in the vehicle. Police have so far not located the suspect or vehicle.

This will be a non-traffic statistic (because not a collision with a “motor vehicle in transport”)

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