Tandem crash at Julian Wash Greenway crossing

3/30/2022 3:31pm.  [this was several months ago]

both the tandem and vehicle were southbound S 2nd St at intersection of Ajo Way. This is a signalized intersection, it is an entrance/exit to Veteran’s Hospital complex.

The bicyclists were struck when the driver turned right from 2nd Ave, as they were crossing southbound in the marked crosswalk, which is in effect a trail crossing of the Julian Wash Greenway; the cyclists presumably had been heading east on the trail, where it crosses from the North to the South side at the intersection of Ajo Way.

The driver was elderly (85 / M).

A news item suggests the female bicyclist died “months” after the crash “The Tucson Police Department said it was notified Sunday, May 29, that 77-year-old Roxana Jo Fudge passed away due to her injuries.” That timeline might not be accurate, it was already listed in crash database as a fatality on 5/7. I mention this only because, if the death did not occur within 30 days, it will not be “counted” in FARS as a fatality…. for the time being, will add the “non-traffic” tag as a reminder to check FARS when it becomes available (typically late 2023)

The other victim, 75/M was the spouse.

This is the only tandem fatal crash in Arizona (back to 2009).

In the state crash database, it was coded as 3 units; one MV and two bicycles… I had wondered if it could or should be coded instead as two units(?)

The driver was faulted for FAILURE TO YIELD; though police tend to be inconsistent in this circumstance (right hook; especially right hook involving a bicyclist in a crosswalk)

Other oddities, some of the Total counts in the incident file seem off/wrong — e.g. the TotalMotoristInjuries is 1, but the only motorist involved was listed as no injury; which makes me wonder how that field get filled (is it computed?)


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