Woman snuffed out by driver while sitting at bus stop in So Tempe

Mangled bus stop bench is left in wake of a driver who killed woman sitting at bus stop.

1/14/2022 5:30am. 78 y.o. “truck” driver southbound Rural Road near Carver in south Tempe for unexplained reasons lost control and crossed over into northbound lanes, continued on up to sidewalk where he killed 59 y.o. Alice Myskowski who was sitting at a bus stop waiting for her bus to work. Continue reading “Woman snuffed out by driver while sitting at bus stop in So Tempe”

Man drives up on sidewalk, killed pedestrian in his Tempe neighborhood

Joining the “seriously, how often does stuff like this happen?” file.

Answer is with alarming regularity.

No one is safe from traffic violence.

12/17/2021 7:30AM Pedestrian was walking along Cornell near Forest; this is the neighborhood adjoining Kiwanis park in Tempe. This is a residential area, traffic engineers would call Cornell Drive “collector” street.

The driver, of course, fled the scene. He was later arrested for susp of hit-and-run, and manslaughter and a few other things. Continue reading “Man drives up on sidewalk, killed pedestrian in his Tempe neighborhood”

Driver kills man at south Phoenix bus stop

Scene of the Mesa fatal in September

A phrase you’ll often hear connected with these sorts of incidents is the victim(s) were in the “wrong place at the wrong time”. Well it seems that the wrong place is anyplace; and the wrong time is anytime morning noon or night.

About a week ago, Pima County “Administrator Chuck Huckelberry experienced life-threatening injuries after a driver of a car made an unsafe lane change and collided with another vehicle that caused it to careen into Huckelberry as he rode his bike…” tucson.com Incidentally, the driver was apparently charged with a 28-672, a criminal misdemeanor; the news story refers only to a “citation” which while true isn’t the usual nomenclature. Continue reading “Driver kills man at south Phoenix bus stop”

Driver rams into two on sidewalk at Rural and Apache; suspect arrested

The driver of a white pickup careened onto the sidewalk, striking two ASU students walking on the sidewalk, injuring one seriously; the driver fled.

DUI remains a huge threat/problem; are we doing enough to remove illegal drivers from the road? The man arrested was FTA (failure to appear) since Jan 2020 on a November 2019 DUI and driving (then) on a suspended license which was suspended for yet another DUI. Continue reading “Driver rams into two on sidewalk at Rural and Apache; suspect arrested”

A 4-year-old girl was killed in a crash outside a Glendale Walmart

3/3/2021, morning. Ug. Driver wipes out a family walking on a sidewalk within a Walmart parking lot.

“the driver could face a reckless driving charge”. Don’t count on it. Authorities have already said impairment is not involved, more than likely this will be seen as the usual “just an accident”. Continue reading “A 4-year-old girl was killed in a crash outside a Glendale Walmart”

Man killed by hit-run driver in Tucson backyard

12/17/2020, Thursday night (time not specified; also victim’s name not released). The driver of a Ford F-150 left the road near West Grant & North Oracle crashing thru a fence into a backyard striking and killing a person there, then ran away. Police think the driver may have been drunk.

Continue reading “Man killed by hit-run driver in Tucson backyard”

Hit and run driver drives over two women on Scottsdale sidewalk

photo: Tami M. Hoey

6/4/2020 7pm. A hit and run driver drove over the sidewalk and seriously hurt two women who were walking on the sidewalk in Old Town Scottsdale. Injuries are said to be serious, with one “fighting for her life”.

Police arrested a suspect, Allami Hussain, nearby a short time later.

Continue reading “Hit and run driver drives over two women on Scottsdale sidewalk”

Oops they did it again?

A dangerous driver failed to negotiate the exit ramp from eastbound I-10 at Warner Road, losing control and killed the signal pole and pedestrian beg button post in August 2017. It was promptly replaced.

It’s down AGAIN in early May 2020; crews were replacing it on 5/14/2020.

Incidentally the signal pole is adjacent to the crosswalk, the drivers also wiped out the pedestrian beg button post — you know, where a pedestrian might be standing?

Continue reading “Oops they did it again?”

Ahwatukee gunbattle

For the Ahwatukee archives: April 2019 high speed chase ending in a five-vehicle¬† crash and ensuing gunbattle; one federal agent’s truck careened over the curb and crashed through a wall.

Not exactly usual traffic but certainly not all that unusual — drivers jumping curbs, smashing lightposts, walls, killing joggers, etc. on a routine basis.

We see now, a year later, the now dead driver was severely impaired by drugs: “Only later, after an autopsy and toxicology report, was it revealed that she had near-fatal levels of methamphetamine in her body, which could have explained much of her [erratic] driving behavior…’The effect of methamphetamine would be related to increased risk-taking behavior, more aggressive behavior, potentially erratic driving,’ said Stripp, a forensic toxicologist … ‘They may speed, they may run red lights.'”

Continue reading “Ahwatukee gunbattle”

4 people injured at Phoenix bus stop as driver careens into sidewalk

3 peds were injured with one in extremely critical condition, a second in critical, and the third in serious condition.

Police say a left turning driver of a VW failed to yield caused the driver of an Altima to careen onto the sidewalk, wiping out 3 peds and a bus stop.

Jan 30, 2020 ; 6:45 p.m. on Greenway Parkway near Waltann Lane, Continue reading “4 people injured at Phoenix bus stop as driver careens into sidewalk”

Teen, unborn baby killed after crash sent car onto Phoenix sidewalk

12/26/2019 11:15AM Bell Rd at 35th Ave, Phoenix. The driver of the grey Avenger “was driving west at a high rate of speed and entered the intersection, colliding with the (red) Mustang”, after which he drove up on the sidewalk and killed/injured a bunch of people.¬† The Mustang driver was attempting to turn left. Police have said they intend to charge the as yet unnamed Avenger driver with manslaughter and aggravated assault. Continue reading “Teen, unborn baby killed after crash sent car onto Phoenix sidewalk”

Two girls hurt in Tempe crosswalk crash

This stopped vehicle was propelled into the crosswalk, injuring two girls

In last week’s (8/30/2019 afternoon) serious crash a pedestrian crossing Broadway was hospitalized after being struck by a driver. Victim-blamers will joyfully point out that the crash occurred “near Hardy Drive outside of the crosswalk”. Jaywalker! Worse yet, the driver — the “other victim” here — is being persecuted for being suspected of DUI. — Driver arrested for DUI after hitting pedestrian in Tempe Continue reading “Two girls hurt in Tempe crosswalk crash”

Driver jumps curb and knocks down signal pole

6/3/2019 morning peak time. Another* one. This time the NW corner of Ray and 48th St; a high-volume hi-speed arterial intersection. Hopefully no one was killed; but of course that would just be luck — the car drove right over the sidewalk to eliminate the pole.

This is/will cause major traffic disruptions; it’s still blocked a day later and the workmen told me it is likely to take a week to 10 days.(it was ultimately 8 days). The right-hand westbound thru lane on Ray will be blocked until the project is finished; and the Southbound RTO and bike lanes are also blocked. Continue reading “Driver jumps curb and knocks down signal pole”

Vision Zero PHX, was: PD: Driver kills man on sidewalk

The “Brown Cloud”, unhealthy air pollution, is a frequent visitor to Phoenix.

4/23/2019 ~ 11pm victim Thomas Taraba and another person were walking on the sidewalk along McDowell Road near 37th Street. Police say river 20-year-old Zachary Showers was the driver; he was arrested on suspicion of DUI

“According to court documents, Taraba was thrown 75 feet” indicating the driver’s speed was very fast, perhaps too fast for any city street. 12news.com. a few more details at fox10news.

Continue reading “Vision Zero PHX, was: PD: Driver kills man on sidewalk”

Redux: Out of control on Warner-Elliot Loop

Out of control drivers abound

Warner-Elliot Loop and Jicarilla. Again.

This is also very near the spot where another out-of-control driver inexplicably left the loop and drove up on the sidewalk, killing jogger Rene Karlin in 2011.
For more local shenanigans (more out-of-control drivers, killing busstops, light poles, knocking down walls and so forth), click on the ahwatukee tag.