Police ID bicyclist hit, killed by vehicle in Tempe; DUI suspected

12/6/2018 ~ 6:30pm. 52nd St & Broadway, Tempe.The driver Jaquin Gurulee, 29, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of manslaughter and DUI.Historical footnote, a bicyclist was killed at this intersection 2/2/20116. In the 2016 incident, police say the bicyclist traveling along Broadway Rd and disregarded a signal.

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Bicyclist killed in southwest Phoenix crash

4/21/2017 ~4am. Bicyclist 24-year-old Devin Williams was killed at a signalized intersection 51st Ave & Baseline, Phoenix,  in early morning hours crash. Police said the bicyclist was going against the light.

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Tucson Bicyclist dies after last week’s intersection crash

Victim: Roger Haar

Witnesses say a female driver ran a red light and collided with Haar July 11, 2016 at Fort Lowell Road and Mountain Avenue, Tucson. The bicyclist was seriously injured, and died about a week later.

A July 19th AP story was somewhat more detailed with crash specifics “Tucson police say in a news release that the 65-year-old had been headed south on his bike along a road when he stopped for a red light. After the light turned green, police say he entered the intersection and was struck by a westbound sedan that ran a red light.”

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Two peds injured on Phx sidewalk

smushed Pickup
smushed Pickup

3/3/2016 Two peds on the sidewalk were injured after two motor vehicles collided in the of 7th Ave and Jefferson. This is one of Phoenix’s many, massively wide arterial-arterial intersections where any error can easily, and often does, result in mayhem. In this case, the two pedestrians and one of the MV drivers were fortunate to escape with only non-life-threatening injuries.

Vision Zero anyone? There are over 100,000 MV crashes per year in Arizona, resulting in many thousands of incapacitating injuries, and nearly 1,000 fatalities; victims are drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists. Each year… and the trend recently is up.

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Multiple Pima Co fatality; Driver arrested

photo: Kelly Presnell / Arizona Daily Star

Thursday 3/3/2016 mid-day. A Driver crashed into  a “large group” (the news report said ~ 15) of cyclists who were stopped at a traffic signal, and standing in a BL, nonetheless. At the time of this writing two are dead, and several more injured. The driver was arrested on DUI charges and was taken into custody. North La Cañada Drive and West Overton/Hardy Road, which is in Pima County, and is being investigated by the Pima County Sheriff’s Office.

bicycletucson.com has updated information; the identity of the suspect and the two fatality victims has been released:

(suspect) Brian Lynch, 28, struck five members of the group. Clare Rhodes, 72, died at the scene and Kenneth Vieira, 68, died at the hospital. The other cyclists were transported to the hospital where one cyclist remains in critical condition.


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Drunk driver gets 14 years for Chandler officer’s death

Original story.

This was both DUI and hit-and-run; it also involved a minor passenger. Driver sentenced in a plea deal to 14 years prison / 7 years probation for 2nd degree murder + the hit-and-run (other charges? e.g. no license, minor involvement?). The case minute for sentence is here. View all case minutes for CR2014152207. Continue reading “Drunk driver gets 14 years for Chandler officer’s death”

74 year-old cyclist struck, killed on Tucson eastside

9/16/2015 74 y.o.  bicyclist John Venneman was killed as he cycled north on Craycroft Rd at the intersection of 22nd st. Police said he had a red light, and was struck by an eastbound driver. “Police say drivers in two of the eastbound 22nd Street lanes of traffic spotted the cyclist riding in the crosswalk against the light, but a driver in the lane closest to the median did not see Venneman and struck him.” Continue reading “74 year-old cyclist struck, killed on Tucson eastside”

Mesa PD: Bicyclist struck, killed after riding through red light

April 11, 2015, morning. Cyclist 40’s/M was killed after riding into the intersection of Alma School Road and Southern Ave, Mesa on a red. Continue reading “Mesa PD: Bicyclist struck, killed after riding through red light”

Drunk driver who killed two asks to be set free

Interesting look back at a 2004 DUI fatality; and sentencing. Here’s a news story from the crash which the DUI, red light running driver nearly wiped out an entire family,  killing 2 and seriously injured another, the fourth family member escaped with only minor (physical) injuries: Continue reading “Drunk driver who killed two asks to be set free”

Tucson Bicyclist Killed, Ran Red Light at Swan Road

I had missed this one, but there are/were news reports I found while reconciling the 2014 asdm data, News reports and database say a cyclists was struck and killed while running a red light in Tucson. Continue reading “Tucson Bicyclist Killed, Ran Red Light at Swan Road”

Alleged red-light runner hits 3 bicyclists, 1 dead in Mesa

12/19/2014 ~ 11am. Elderly male driver of minivan apparently ran red light southbound Gilbert Road, killing bicyclist (not released) and injuring 2 others; as they passed through the intersection of Gilbert Road and 8th Ave (apparently 8th Ave is Pueblo Ave on the east side) in Mesa, AZ Continue reading “Alleged red-light runner hits 3 bicyclists, 1 dead in Mesa”

Chandler officers killed in separate wrecks

The Chandler police force is reeling from the deaths of two officers only three days apart in unrelated traffic collisions…

(on-duty) City of Chandler Police “Officer David Payne, 37, was sitting on his police motorcycle at a red light at about 12:40 a.m. 10/31/2014 Friday when a car rear-ended him at the intersection of Chandler Boulevard and Pennington Drive.” Causing his death. “Police arrested Tempe resident Brian Yazzie, 31, on suspicion of manslaughter and hit-and-run for his role in the collision”. Oh yeah,  plus his license was suspended in (and, presumably, since) 2010. — azcentral

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Girl hit and killed when driver runs red light

July 12, 2014 / victim crossing in marked crosswalk w/traffic signal. The 5 y.o. female victim was riding a tricycle; this I would guess should be coded as a pedestrian (though i cross-tagged this article as both a ped and cyclist fatality). This is listed on 2014 cyclist traffic  fatalities.  [update: is coded as a pedalcyclist in both ASDM and FARS] Continue reading “Girl hit and killed when driver runs red light”

Woman with DUI history arrested in Mesa fatal collision

Oh yeah, this one:

A woman accused of driving her SUV about 90 mph before colliding with a car stopped at a red light in east Mesa, killing both occupants, was arrested on Monday. Mesa police booked Ingrid I. Morataya, 35, on suspicion of manslaughter and other charges after she was discharged from a Valley hospital…. The driver and the passenger in the car struck by Morataya’s Toyota FJ Cruiser — Guadalupe Madril, 37, and Jason Aguilera, 33 — died instantly of massive injuries from the violent collision, according to court records… azcentral.com Continue reading “Woman with DUI history arrested in Mesa fatal collision”