Unknown 2016 Arizona Fatalities

This is an outline of each 2016 fatality that was unknown to me — or that could not be found by reverse-googling — until the database was released in mid-2017. See the full 2016 grid here.

There are 10 such incidents, not counting two additional exceedingly poorly-documented incidents that were also nowhere to be found in media report.  That means that of total of 30 fatal incidents (31 fatalities, as one was double) in 2016, 18 were reported in the media while 12 were not — or at least not that I can find.

1/7/2016 Phoenix

Phoenix file number 201600000041208 -> 16000041208 no Phx report available online with that file number

Daylight / Cyclist: 33/F In Roadway ; Crossing Road; FTY / some positive drug test results.


1/13/2016 Maricopa Co (MSCO), near Sun City

Odd can’t find any media on this one, Meeker Blvd. The database info is peculiar. Says bicyclist on sidewalk. Both East. Both “no Improper Action”, with the elderly, 86/F driver being unit #1.

The both “no improper” ought to be a reason for ADOT to reject the report. It’s logically inconsistent


1/14/2016 Gila River (occurred in Maricopa Co)

Classic motorist “drifted” collision; Daylight, mid-morning.
Cyclist 47/M: no improper, in bike lane (may actually be a shoulder?). Motorist: Failed to keep proper lane.

Note this is one of three drifting fatalities all within a few miles of each other in 2016, the other two were in Chandler.

Motorist should have been charged w/ 28-672, but i have no way to know what happened.


2/2/2016 Tempe

Daylight, mid-afternoon Broadway Rd at an exit ramp.
Cyclist 50/M: At Intersection, e/b Broadway Rd Lane 3 (in roadway) faulted for Disregarding Signal; struck by n/b motorist. Both going straight ahead.
Some positive drug  results.
(historical note: this is the first bicyclist fatality in City of Tempe since June 2014)

3/28/2016 Maricopa County

White Mountain Rd at Del Webb Blvd Sun City area (unincorporated, so sheriff investigates). This is another one where I’m surprised it never made it into any news reports.

Piecing together the (sparse) data from the database says an elderly male bicyclist was found most-at-fault for doing something unknown wrong at the intersection while going in an unknown direction. The bicyclist collided with and elderly motorist that was turning left, his direction was listed as SW, and his behavior was listed as “FAILURE TO KEEP PROPER LANE”.


4/24/2016 Phoenix

Phoenix file number 201600751416 -> 16000751416 no Phx report available online with that file number

Dark / Cyclist: 35/M In Roadway ; Crossing Road; FTY / some positive drug test results.

(coincidentally, shared many common attributes with incident from 1/7/2017 above)


5/17/2016 Mesa

Daylight, mid-afternoon
Cyclist: 61/M in roadway / crossing road. no improper(?)
Motorist: faulted for Exceeded Lawful Speed.

It’s near a canal trail crossing, is that possibly involved? Directions indicated, NE for bicyclist and E for motorist, suggest bicyclist maybe was EB, heading the north side to pickup up trail.


6/11/2016 Phoenix

Phoenix file number 201601075490 -> 16001075490 Report Available

Dark, just after midnight.
Cyclist: Stopped in roadway for unknown reason, facing South in EB lane of Roosevelt St. No lights. Bicyclist Ernesto Mendez


10/26/2016 Gila River (occurred Pinal Co).

Both units Lane_1, EB, and going straight ahead. Suggests the motorist struck-from-behind.
The light condition was listed as DAWN, the time 0610am. Sunrise that day would be 642.

Cyclist 69/F: faulted for “OTHER” hmmm? Cyclist positive for cocaine.
Motorist: no improper. Env Factors: Sun Glare. That seems not possible (glare, 32 minutes before sunrise?). Vehicle was a School Bus.

The data is entirely missing any location data or road names. The only clue as to location is Pinal County. I don’t understand how this can happen. ADOT should reject such reports. Crappy data.


12/20/2016 DPS / Maricopa Co, SR-88 “Apache Trail”

Apache Trail is a winding, hilly, rural two-lane highway with no shoulder.

WB cyclist on a downhill curve, EB motorist uphill curve; implies head-on
Cyclist 43/M, helmeted; faulted for “OTHER” (? what’s with OTHER? If it were head-on, cyclist fault would be failure to keep proper lane.



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