74 year-old cyclist struck, killed on Tucson eastside

9/16/2015 74 y.o.  bicyclist John Venneman was killed as he cycled north on Craycroft Rd at the intersection of 22nd st. Police said he had a red light, and was struck by an eastbound driver. “Police say drivers in two of the eastbound 22nd Street lanes of traffic spotted the cyclist riding in the crosswalk against the light, but a driver in the lane closest to the median did not see Venneman and struck him.”

See 74 year-old cyclist struck, killed on eastside, on bicycletucson.com

One observation is this road the cyclist was crossing has a huge number of lanes and is very wide; 3 thru lanes and a BL in each direction, as well as assorted turn lanes.

Crash Report

This is ADOT incident=2994540 (you won’t be able to click on that link).  Cyclist faulted for DISREGARDED_TRAFFIC_SIGNAL. Everything consistent with a cyclist in a right-angle crash at (well, in the crosswalk) intersection. It cannot be discerned from the crash database which northbound crosswalk the cyclist was in; i.e. whether cyclist was going with or against adjacent traffic.

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