Bicyclist seriously injured by driver at Grand Canal crossing

4/19/2023 11a; Police say driver, 24 y.o. Rainer Perez Cordero,  ran a red, striking and seriously injured bicyclist at the marked and signalized crosswalk at Central and Grand Canal. Police say the light for the driver had been red for eight seconds (curious how they would know that?).

The driver was arrested, normally causing serious injury or death by red light would be a misdemeanor, 28-672. The felony stems from his license being somehow “bad” (either revoked, or suspended for serious reasons; e.g. a DUI suspension), and causing serious injury while in this case, running a red. This is 28-672’s cousin statute 28-676.

Alleged red light runner arrested after hitting bicyclist in Phoenix

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Police say a pickup truck driver is facing a felony charge after running a red light and hitting a bicyclist in Phoenix on Wednesday morning… Officers say the pickup truck driver, 24-year-old Rainer Perez Cordero, ran a red light and struck the bicyclist in the crosswalk across Central Avenue. Investigators say the light was red for eight seconds before Cordero drove through the intersection….

No charges?

It would appear from public records, that despite the arrest, and despite claims of running a red light (which would be at a minimum a criminal misdemeanor), and despite claims of a felony charge (because of a bad/no license), the criminal case rapidly fell apart with nothing more than a traffic ticket for PPD100612241 1 FAILURE TO STOP AT STOP SIGN, filed 4/21.  Which ended on 5/12/2023 with FAILURE TO APPEAR.

What’s the story? We’ll likely never find out. Based on the dates, it would appear it was never even sent to county prosecutor for review (felonies would need to go to county); and maybe not even the city prosecutor’s office (for a misdemeanor).


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  1. It appears that there is a surveillance camera on the light pole on the east side of central. Perhaps they were able to use video from that to determine the eight second interval.,-112.0738934,3a,53.4y,315.01h,141.2t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sFxsAwspfNbKMnvhdXjCyaQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

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