Two peds injured on Phx sidewalk

smushed Pickup
smushed Pickup

3/3/2016 Two peds on the sidewalk were injured after two motor vehicles collided in the of 7th Ave and Jefferson. This is one of Phoenix’s many, massively wide arterial-arterial intersections where any error can easily, and often does, result in mayhem. In this case, the two pedestrians and one of the MV drivers were fortunate to escape with only non-life-threatening injuries.

Vision Zero anyone? There are over 100,000 MV crashes per year in Arizona, resulting in many thousands of incapacitating injuries, and nearly 1,000 fatalities; victims are drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists. Each year… and the trend recently is up.

Lots of lanes here! Painfully ugly, no wonder drivers like to drive fast through here.

The collision itself occurred when a marked Phoenix Police Tahoe (SUV) collided with the white pickup (pictured above) making a left turn. This causes one or both of the vehicles to careen out of control, striking the two pedestrians on the sidewalk nearby. (Seriously, how often does stuff like this happen?)

Police spokesman have described it as what sound like a classic left-turn error by the white pickup driver [or is it? the news reports don’t really say which direction the Tahoe was traveling; only that the pickup driver was turning left]. If you like controversy, the azrepublic article quotes a witness, who says police ignored her statement, that describes the Tahoe as running a red light. Whatever. If the driver of smushed pickup thinks the Tahoe driver ran a red light, he’s going to wish there was a red-light photo enforcement, or some other documentary evidence (does phx police have vehicle cameras?) to prove it.

I say “whatever”, above, because from the injured pedestrian’s point of view, all that matters is one or more drivers screwed up, causing a crash, and they were collateral damage.