Police ID bicyclist hit, killed by vehicle in Tempe; DUI suspected

12/6/2018 ~ 6:30pm. 52nd St & Broadway, Tempe.The driver Jaquin Gurulee, 29, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of manslaughter and DUI.Historical footnote, a bicyclist was killed at this intersection 2/2/20116. In the 2016 incident, police say the bicyclist traveling along Broadway Rd and disregarded a signal.

The cyclist,  Michael Robins, was southbound 52nd, and struck by a driver who was westbound on Broadway Road. This is a signalized intersection, police have not indicated anything about the signal.

The red pin is near where bicyclist was killed 12/6/2018. The area is a sea-of-asphalt.

The general vicinity is gross and unpleasant, no wonder people drive fast through there. Broadway is like eight lanes wide. 52nd street south of the intersection is actually a multi-lane exit ramp from I-10. Traffic exiting I-10 heading east on Broadway has a flying exit (no signal, just go all the time) into an acceleration lane.  Westbound Broadway entering I-10 west had not one but two lanes entering and is “flying”, there are no signals and it never stops. This is all compounded by (or due to?)  bends in both Broadway and I-10; see map. There’s a marked crosswalk only on the east side of 52nd. There’s a sidewalk along Broadway over I-10 only on the south side of the road.

It would be interesting to know who, which jurisdiction, “owns” this area; although it’s within city boundaries, ADOT controls freeways and access. 

 UPDATE: Police ID bicyclist hit, killed by vehicle in Tempe; DUI suspectedTEMPE (3TV/CBS 5) – ​A bicyclist was killed after he was struck by a vehicle Thursday night in Tempe, police said, and the driver who hit him now faces charges.
Police said the vehicle was traveling westbound on Broadway Road through an intersection when it struck Robins, who was traveling south…
Police said the driver, identified Friday as Jaquin Gurulee, remained at the scene; impairment is suspected as a factor in the crash.
Officers arrested Gurulee, 29, on suspicion of manslaughter and DUI.

Fatality grid updated.

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