Teen, unborn baby killed after crash sent car onto Phoenix sidewalk

12/26/2019 11:15AM Bell Rd at 35th Ave, Phoenix. The driver of the grey Avenger “was driving west at a high rate of speed and entered the intersection, colliding with the (red) Mustang”, after which he drove up on the sidewalk and killed/injured a bunch of people.  The Mustang driver was attempting to turn left. Police have said they intend to charge the as yet unnamed Avenger driver with manslaughter and aggravated assault. Continue reading “Teen, unborn baby killed after crash sent car onto Phoenix sidewalk”

Tempe City Council candidate hurt after car rolled under school bus in crash

(Photo: Marc Norman)

Green means go, right? Even when there’s something really big, with really bright flashing lights. Yet somehow a driver missed all those cues — “The Jeep’s driver told the responding police officer that he didn’t realize the bus was going to stop at the railroad tracks and kept driving because there was a green light”. Continue reading “Tempe City Council candidate hurt after car rolled under school bus in crash”

Tucson bicyclist wrong-way headon

11/19/2019 12:50PM. A wrong-way bicyclist collided headon with the driver of a pickup along 22nd Street, near South Vista Overlook Drive. According to the news report (and the picture seems to corroborate) that both were in the curb lane (the right-most of 3 thru lanes there); what’s weird is that places the bicyclist ~ 15 feet from the curb since there’s both a BL and an RTO lane there (it’s a very wide road).

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Tucson cyclist killed by hit&run driver on Park Ave

11/15/2019 3:09AM A hit and run motorist drifted (or otherwise was driving) in the Bike Lane, northbound S Park Ave near E 27th St, Tucson and killed 45 y.o. bicyclist Michael Noriega.

HIT AND RUN BE ON THE LOOKOUT: suspect vehicle: dark-colored pickup truck similar in style to a Ford Ranger. See something say something; a sharp eyed neighbor enabled police to make arrest in ped-fatal hit/run in Chandler a few weeks ago.


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Driver who killed Ann Day gets less than 5 years

Ann Day is a prominent member of a prominent Pima county family; a former County Supervisor, and was the sister of retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’connor.

Something is rotten in Pima County. It seems to me cases with very similar fact-sets (extreme speed and recklessness, DUI, causing headon) routinely go for manslaughter elsewhere. Continue reading “Driver who killed Ann Day gets less than 5 years”

Occupants and Non-occupants

Early morning head-on freeway crash SR51 near Indian School. The driver known only as a 27 y.o. man from Ohio was driving a (new?) Corvette the wrong way. Police think the driver may have been impaired. Really? You don’t say. The name hasn’t been released but expect aggravated assault charges when he’s released from hospital.

Two Tempe officers hurt in wrong-way crash on SR-51 in Phoenix

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She thought she hit a dog

A woman has been arrested after she killed two pedestrians including a boy and a grown man, stopped briefly, then fled the scene, telling police, because “she thought she hit a dog.” Must have been one big dog.

See something, say something — In this case there was a fairly good vehicle description between witnesses and evidence left at the scene. The news reports that police found the driver via a neighbor’s tip. Continue reading “She thought she hit a dog”

Teen hit, killed on bike while crossing Gilbert street

9/24/2019 ~ 6PM Gilbert Police said a 15 y.o. girl was seriously injured while crossing Greenfield Road after being struck by a southbound(not sure?) driver. She died the next morning.

This is at the trail crossing of Greenfield Road and the Western Power Line / Sun Circle Trail. The crossing there, unlike many of the others further west, has no signal or markings. Continue reading “Teen hit, killed on bike while crossing Gilbert street”

Multi-bicycle crash in Goodyear

Daylight-visible headlight in use at time of the crash

Goodyear police are investigating a 9/12/2019 crash that occurred around 6:30 involving 3 cyclists transported with injuries, and a fourth who was not transported. The news-chopper footage shows a black sedan, as well as a large number of additional cyclists who were presumably riding together in a group but were not directly involved in the crash. 12news.com azcentral Continue reading “Multi-bicycle crash in Goodyear”

Two girls hurt in Tempe crosswalk crash

This stopped vehicle was propelled into the crosswalk, injuring two girls

In last week’s (8/30/2019 afternoon) serious crash a pedestrian crossing Broadway was hospitalized after being struck by a driver. Victim-blamers will joyfully point out that the crash occurred “near Hardy Drive outside of the crosswalk”. Jaywalker! Worse yet, the driver — the “other victim” here — is being persecuted for being suspected of DUI. — Driver arrested for DUI after hitting pedestrian in Tempe Continue reading “Two girls hurt in Tempe crosswalk crash”

Bicyclist dies after injuries in hit-run Prescott Valley crash

Aug 20, 2019 ~ 8PM. The crash occurred near the intersection of East Frontage Road and North Starlight Drive, Prescott Valley. There were no details on the manner of collision.

Hit and run, bicyclist suffered serious injuries and died several days later on Aug 26. The suspect driver was book on suspicion of aggravated assault, etc.; hinting the police believe the driver was impaired and caused the crash. Now that the victim has died, charges would presumably be upgraded to a homicide.

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Arizona Crash Facts 2018

ADOT has released Crash Facts 2018 in the later part of June (of 2019), as usual; this year and I did not order CDs but rather accessed the raw data online sometime in July (it will in relatively rare cases be updated after this).

The graphical crash map has been NOT updated and so continues to have years 2009-2017 ; the tool used to present the map, Google fusion tables, is being discontinued end of 2019, and I need to find a replacement.

The Fatality Grid has been reconciled and contains some specifics on every bicyclist fatality in Arizona from 2009-2018, and ongoing as discovered.

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