Waymo releases data on 6 million miles

“In its first report on its autonomous vehicle operations in Phoenix, Arizona, Waymo said that it was involved in 18 crashes and 29 near-miss collisions…” reports the Verge

The 18 refer to actual crashes where actual contact was made was contacted with another vehicle (or potentially if it has been, or bicyclist). There were no injuries.

The 29 near-misses refer to simulated responses of their AV system; which didn’t actually happen, because the human driver intervened. The vast majority of Miles logged were with a human “safety driver” present.

By the way here’s the story of the kook that caused one of the crashes, he was apparently a disgruntled ex-Waymo driver

Former Waymo contractor arrested in Tempe crash

Will the driver be held accountable for the Waymo Jan 30 crash near Warner and Rural? Video of the incident show a driver who police say is Raymond Tang traveling along a 45mph posted road swerving, weaving, speeding up and slowing down, and finally successfully maneuvering himself in front of another vehicle and “brake-checking” into a minor crash.

Notice that to be guilty of assault, actually causing an injury is not required, merely “(Intentionally) placing another person in reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury” is assault. Using a weapon makes it aggravated assault, a serious felony. The intentionally part can sometimes be hard to prove — though videos of such incidents make it obvious to any reasonable person that the acts were intentional. Continue reading “Former Waymo contractor arrested in Tempe crash”

Report: Uber driver streaming Hulu prior to deadly self-driving crash in Tempe

[below is for historical purposes; please visit the main consolidated page at uber-involved-pedestrian-fatality. The driver was finally charged in Sept 2020]

Tempe Police’s report on the March 2018 Uber-involved pedestrian fatality has been released, 318 pages(!) it was reported on 6/22/2018 from various news organizations. It would be good if all serious and fatal traffic crashes were investigated so thoroughly. Continue reading “Report: Uber driver streaming Hulu prior to deadly self-driving crash in Tempe”

Uber involved pedestrian fatality

Preface: This crash has nothing to do with bicycling other than the pedestrian was pushing a bicycle at the time. Because of the notoriety, the incident has its own wiki article.

3/18/2018 night-time (10pm?)  mid-block pedestrian fatality might not even be reported in the news; but this being the first reported AV (Autonomous Vehicle) traffic fatality (in the world?!), it’s huge news. Continue reading “Uber involved pedestrian fatality”

Drivers are dangerous

McClintock and Apache wreck photo: Mark Beach/Fresco News

last week’s Uber-involved crash should highlight the current state of affairs: Drivers are dangerous. Tempe Police cited a “human” driver for making a bad left at McClintock and Apache causing the crash with the Uber/Volvo SUV to rollover on its side.  The Uber was being autonomously driven at the time, according to the company.

There are over 100,000 reported wrecks per year in Arizona involving motor vehicle drivers only, with hundreds dead and thousands injured; a driver is at fault in each and every one of those incidents.  Continue reading “Drivers are dangerous”