Another Ahwatukee jogger killed on sidewalk: driver arrested

Photo: ABC15. Driver Arrested suspicion of Manslaughter

Holy sh!t, another one, I mean another jogger in Ahwatukee killed by a dangerous out-of-control driver… this is a small place. Freak “accident”? Two freak “accidents”?;

11/2/2017 ~ 4AM . Pedestrian /  jogger killed on sidewalk near Lakewood Parkway and Amberwood Drive this is a collector road in a residential neighborhood. Police suspect driver was impaired, she was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. Witnesses reported that the driver of the vehicle, 25-year-old Shannon Scott, was driving on the sidewalk when Hilts was struck”

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Enforcement drops, crashes proliferate, people die

photo: Kelly Presnell / Arizona Daily Star

Tim Steller’s excellent (dare I say, stellar?) piece in the Daily Star: Enforcement drops, crashes proliferate, pedestrians die exposes the inexplicable sharp decline in traffic enforcement in the City of Tuscon by the Tuscon PD.  Continue reading “Enforcement drops, crashes proliferate, people die”

Navajo Nation police officer charged with murder in deadly Glendale crash

Driver charged with endangerment and 2nd degree murder and in last week’s killing of Peter Rankin who was on the sidewalk. Medical reports say the driver had a BAC of 0.235, almost triple the legal limit (anything over .20 would be “super-extreme” DUI).

more here: pd-driver-hit-suv-killed-bicyclist-in-glendale-before-hitting-police-car

AZ Dui Arrests have been declining; has DUI been declining? source: AZ GOHS


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Woman, 19, pushing disabled car struck, killed in Phoenix

Note to self to follow up to see how this gets coded in asdm and fars. Conceptually, a pedestrian was killed in a rear-end collision, a collision a driver should have been easily able to avoid if the struck vehicle had lights/flashers (it was at night). Was the disabled vehicle displaying emergency lights, or otherwise lit?

Phoenix file number?

Who is most at fault? For comparison, who is most at fault in the rear-end collision pictured here, the pickup driver or the school bus driver — the Pickup driver rammed a stopped school bus?

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Chandler police: Woman killed, children hurt in crosswalk

[Update Nov 2017: moving ahead in Chandler Muni on misdy charges, see below]
[Update as of Oct 21, 2017; no charges, no nothing; nothing on caselookup??]
[Update May 2018; penalties for 28-672/5/6 were strengthened in response to this incident]
[FINAL Update May 2019; driver sentenced, see below]

Nov 2016: A driver was arrested after a collision at crosswalk left one woman dead and two small children seriously injured. The intersection has a signal; police, based on some witnesses, believe the driver ran a red light when he struck the people in the crosswalk crossing Ray Road at College Dr (also known as Ponderosa Dr) in Chandler, AZ. (it may be very near the boundary of Tempe). Continue reading “Chandler police: Woman killed, children hurt in crosswalk”

Driver kills 4, injures 9 in horrific crash

photo: Jeff Lasky @10NewsLasky
photo: Jeff Lasky @10NewsLasky

Chandler residents Cruz and Annamarie Contreras were among the 4 pedestrians killed (plus more injured) in a park  when a pickup driver lost control and crashed in San Diego / Coronado.

The driver was also injured and arrested for DUI causing death/injury. Continue reading “Driver kills 4, injures 9 in horrific crash”

Glendale officer’s deadly crash costs city $3.8 million

photo: Arizona Republic
photo: Arizona Republic

Yikes. Police officer involved crash resulting in several serious injuries, including a motorist and people walking on the sidewalk.  Anyways, lots of dollars. He was never charged, of course; despite speeding at 30+mph over the speed limit. Continue reading “Glendale officer’s deadly crash costs city $3.8 million”

Woman killed crossing street in Ahwatukee

48th Street, Phoenix, just south of Ray Road.
48th Street, Phoenix, just south of Ray Road.

Saturday night 2/12/2016 ~ 9:45PM. Victim Nina Hale, 68. 48th Street south of Ray Road, Phoenix (the “Ahwatukee” area of Phoenix).

Victim wasn’t in a crosswalk — case closed! I should admit right up front I have no particular idea of what actually happened. It is quite possible, likely even, that the driver was doing nothing legally wrong — i.e. they already said he didn’t seem to be impaired, and it’s likely he was driving within what is considered a reasonable speed — and the victim was doing “everything” legally wrong, because a pedestrian outside of a crosswalk must yield to any vehicles on the roadway. That said, this is going to turn into a rant about high-speed arterial roadway design so beloved by sunbelt traffic engineers… Continue reading “Woman killed crossing street in Ahwatukee”

Owner of Red Alfa found guilty of killing ped on sidewalk

TalfaRomeoHitAndRunPhoenixhe owner of the red Alfa Romeo convertible involved in the killing of a pedestrian on a Phoenix sidewalk in 2013 was found guilty of negligent homicide and leaving the scene of a fatality caused by the defendant. I have no idea what the defense was; but at the conclusion of the twelve-day trial, the jury also found an aggravating factor of dangerousness. Details at another-ped-gets-whacked-on-phoenix-sidewalk
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Police: Speeding driver kills 2 on N Phx residential street

~ 8:15pm May 14(?), 2015. 34th Ave near Deer Valley Road, Phoenix. Double pedestrian fatality. This is very much a residential neighborhood. The victims were “having a roadside conversation” when the crash occurred. (Does that mean they were standing in 34th Ave? There are certainly sidewalks there).

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Police: Driver in fatal Phoenix hit-run was impaired

photo: MCSO
photo: MCSO

All according to Phoenix police, the driver:

  • Fled from a fatal crash that he clearly did not cause — this is a Class 3 Felony 28-663 (the pedestrian “intentionally walked into traffic” after an unrelated altercation/incident of some sort)
  • When caught, said he wasn’t their guy… “he denied driving on Indian School Road and hitting the pedestrian”… “saying the damage to his vehicle was caused while he was pulling into the parking lot”.
  • By way of explanation the driver “… said he was evading police officers and driving fast because he knew he had been drinking and had a suspended license”.
  • Blew a 0.186 BAC in a PBT. Thus the aggravation part of the DUI. One imagines there was then a blood draw. Above 0.15 would qualify for extreme DUI; however due to have an already  suspended license bit, he’s looking at aggravated DUI/lic susp, 28-1383, a class 4 felony.

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MCSO: Impaired, speeding driver kills 2 in Avondale

Two people were killed in a crash early Sunday morning near Avondale Boulevard and Maricopa 85. (Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)
Not much left (Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

Weekend roundup of drivers behaving badly in the Phoenix metro area; it must have been a rough Saturday night, 4 dead in 3 incidents early AM hours of Sunday 11/8/2015: Police say a speeding & impaired driver rear ended and killed 2 motorists in Avondale. Phoenix police says a pedestrian is dead after apparently intentionally stepping in front of a moving car — the driver, of course, hit-and-ran, police caught him soon after and say he appeared impaired. In the third story a driver crossed over and struck another vehicle head on; killing her. Continue reading “MCSO: Impaired, speeding driver kills 2 in Avondale”

Another Phoenix Ped killed on sidewalk

Police are seeking Rudy Loyoza Jr.

Oct 20, 2015 Pedestrian fatality. According to police, the driver was speeding (“at speeds over 100 mph”) and lost control, crossed the center line,  jumped curb and drove up on sidewalk; hit-and-run of course.  Yes, again, see another-ped-gets-whacked-on-phoenix-sidewalk. This obviously happens regularly…  Seriously, how often does this happen? Police are seeking Rudy Loyoza Jr., the owner of the vehicle, in connection with the incident.

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Out of control drivers kill man on Phoenix sidewalk

2CDFB38F00000578-3252553-image-m-111_1443474861187-Yes,  another sidewalk death caused by out of control drivers; Sunday 9/27/2015 — Seriously, how often does stuff like this happen?

According to the story, this was an apparent left turn 2-vehicle collision that sent two out-of-control drivers all over the place. The man who died, Juan Mena-Brito, is credited for shoving his wife to safety just before getting mowed down. 43rd Ave and Peoria, Phoenix, AZ. Continue reading “Out of control drivers kill man on Phoenix sidewalk”