Wrong-way driver arrested: DUI susp

DPS (white SUV) stopped this reckless driver in Flagstaff

DUI drivers remain a serious threat to every road user, whether you walk, or  jog, or  ride a bike or ride a motorcycle, or drive a  car. SSTI recently published a good review of related research on the occasion of Utah being the first US state to lower per se limit to 0.05 BAC.

The latest gem is a driver who initially came to the attention of police when they  “began receiving calls reporting a reckless driver in a Nissan Rogue traveling on the sidewalk and nearly striking several vehicles along Milton Road in Flagstaff.” Police stopped the vehicle but the driver fled, ending up going wrong way on I-40. This is on a Saturday (11/17/2018) afternoon around 3:30pm. 

So much for the theory that dangerous drunk driving is limited to middle-of-the-night on the weekend. Hooray for the DPS who acted with bravery to protect the public.

The driver Patricia Rose Carvalho, 32 of Los Ranchos, NM faces a litany of charges: attempted second-degree homicide, aggravated assault, endangerment, aggravated DUI and child abuse.  News item: DPS releases video of wrong-way SUV hitting sergeant’s car, suspect had child in back seat. Read the DPS press release.


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