Driver in fatal hit and run arrested for second degree murder

8/12/2016 Victim Scott Koch, 58

Driver Eric Joseph Corral, alledged red light running, DUI, and hit-and-run. Driver arrested on suspicion of 2nd degree murder.

Victim was crossing the road in a crosswalk (presumably had been sidewalk riding) when struck. Valencia and Nexus, Tucson.

A driver in a fatal hit and run crash with a bicyclist has been arrested on second degree murder charges. Eric Joseph Corral, 44, was arrested for allegedly striking and killing Scott Koch, 58 in Rita Ranch. According to Tucson Police Department Corral fled the scene… See more at

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  1. The aerial shows no sidewalk on the north side of Velencia Road. The cyclist must have been on the paved shoulder that looks like a bike lane or riding on the dirt shoulder prior to crossing the street.

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