Driver jumps curb, kills Mesa man on sidewalk

victim Dana Machado was killed while walking on the sidewalk

9/23/2018 9:30am pedestrian 48 y.o. male Dana Machado was killed when a driver drove onto the sidewalk where the victim was walking his dog. Police arrested driver Richard Cruz on susp of DUI and are awaiting tox results.

Truck jumps curb, kills Mesa man walking dog
By Jim Walsh, Tribune Staff Writer Sep 30, 2018
Dana Machado was known as a devoted family man. The 48-year-old Mesa resident was killed Sept. 23 when a truck jumped the curb and struck him while he was walking his dog…The fatality occurred at 9:30 a.m. on Baseline Road between Power Road and Superstition Springs Boulevard on Sept. 23…Snow said Machado was not in the road and was walking on the sidewalk when the utility truck hit the curb and a tree before striking him.
…Mesa police spokesman, said Richard Cruz was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence…


Criminal Case

For some reason, didn’t get filed until later part of February; more usual is to have charges brought much more quickly, followed by supervening indictment usually within a couple of weeks (e.g. like this one). In this case, nothing preceding the true bill which didn’t come until almost 5 months after the incident.

2 thoughts on “Driver jumps curb, kills Mesa man on sidewalk”

  1. For decades, federal guidelines for road design in the U.S. called for removal of hazards along highways to protect occupants of vehicles from crashes with hard objects. These guidelines were developed years ago when it had been demonstrated conclusively that a percentage of drivers can be expected to run off the road due to factors such as: falling asleep, distraction, and driving under the influence.

    For many years the federal roadside safety guidelines have been ignored or waived in urban areas. That may have been fine when drivers travelled at 25 or 30 mph in urban areas, and pedestrians and bicyclists were not always prevalent. Today, drivers routinely drive at 45, 50 and 60 mph within cities, even though design guidelines for run-off-road crashes is still ignored. Typically, the only “protection” afforded pedestrians on a sidewalk next to high speed travel lanes is a 6 inch high curb.

    The crash in Mesa, and the recent bus stop crash in Tucson, are examples where current circumstances in our cities are overcoming historic road design practices. Circumstances including more traffic, more pedestrians and more bicyclists. The situation is made even worse as our cities continue to build high design standard roads clearly intended for higher and higher vehicle speeds – further encouraging drivers to drive too fast for conditions so close to adjacent pedestrians and cyclists. This combination presents a recipe for tragedy in our cities, were innocent bystanders along the roadside will predictably fall victim.

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