Oops they did it again?

A dangerous driver failed to negotiate the exit ramp from eastbound I-10 at Warner Road, losing control and killed the signal pole and pedestrian beg button post in August 2017. It was promptly replaced.

It’s down AGAIN in early May 2020; crews were replacing it on 5/14/2020.

Incidentally the signal pole is adjacent to the crosswalk, the drivers also wiped out the pedestrian beg button post — you know, where a pedestrian might be standing?

Westbound drivers have taken the missing signal, which is a restricted left-turn (it’s only legal to turn left when the arrow is green) as an opportunity to disobey the remaining left red-arrow. This has caused some kerfluffles with eastbound traffic as the sight lines for that left turn are not great, and also left turners must cut across 4 lanes eastbound traffic. Impatient left turners have also taken to blowing their horns at drivers who wait for a green left arrow.

Speaking of knocking down, another dangerous driver, or perhaps criminal, or possibly both drove up on the sidewalk along Equestrian trail ( a residential street) and splayed the mailbox all over the place, ran through the landscaping and vanished. This was in late April 2020. Drivers often lose control and drive up on the sidewalk and cause usually property damage, and sometimes kill people. The walls continue to tumble down, bus stops get mangled , more signal poles killed, all just right here in our little neck of the woods.


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