3 y.o. Glendale boy killed by hit and run driver

5/21/2020 ~ 1PM Hit and run driver of Jeep killed 3 y.o. Carson, who was riding in a trailer pulled by father. Carson’s mother was also injured.

The family was north on the eastside (that’s an odd way to describe it; it appears to describe the group was cycling “in the direction of traffic”) of 70th Avenue, just north of Villa Theresa Drive, when a vehicle heading south ran over the bike trailer.

This is a wholly residential area.

3-year-old boy killed in Glendale collision

Posted Friday, May 22, 2020 8:12 pm
… Police said the couple’s 3-year-old son was being pulled in a child-bike trailer behind the father’s bike. The family was riding north on the eastside of 70th Avenue, just north of Villa Theresa Drive, when a vehicle heading south ran over the bike trailer, police said. The vehicle also struck the mother, they said…

Police said they located the suspect vehicle at a residential home a few blocks away from the collision scene. Police identified and interviewed two suspects, though no arrests appear to have been made yet… “The investigation is ongoing at this time,” Glendale police stated. “When changes are made in the case we will provide an update. At this time we do not require any assistance from the public, while we appreciate their support.”

Suspect Arrested

The story mentions video.

Glendale police: 18-year-old arrested in connection to hit-and-run crash that killed toddler

Glendale police say Collin Jones was arrested on June 4…

Police say a family of four was riding bicycles in a single-file line when a white Jeep drove on the wrong side of the road and ran over a child trailer that was being towed by the father’s bicycle…

After the collision, the Jeep struck the mother on her bicycle, knocking her to the ground. The Jeep missed a 5-year-old on a bicycle and turned onto Villa Theresa Drive… Police say the Jeep was found parked blocks away and Jones was identified as the driver. Jones told police he drifted too far to the left, jerked the steering wheel back to the right, and felt his tires hit the gravel. Jones said he looked up and “saw nothing” and “heard nothing.” The crash was captured on video and Jones was arrested.

I’ll mention here, Glendale PD has a remarkable track record of finding suspects and getting convictions against hit and run drivers.

Criminal Case


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