Female bicyclist killed in Picture Rocks crash

4/1/2020 6:37pm According to a tucson.com news report, a female bicyclist was seriously injured in a  crash. (The datafile lists it as a fatal collision meaning she died sometime later; i was unaware of the crash at the time, although it was briefly reported on in the news media. It showed up quickly in the crashfile,  only 1 week after the incident which is somewhat unusual for a fatality / serious injury crash.

Crash Report

According to the crashfile:

  • the specific location of the crash was along Manville Road about 1/4 mile east of Avra Road . This is in the unincorporated (I think) town of Picture Rocks; it’s about 10 miles west of the main part of Tucson, and was investigated by the Pima County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Crash manner was Sideswipe same direction; both units westbound.
  • Sunset that day in Tucson was 6:44PM; if the crash time is accurate (it usually is), that was 7 minutes before sunset; sun glare may have been a factor. Things like lighting equipment, if any, aren’t really listed in the datafile.
  • The 27 y.o. female driver was faulted.
  • There are a couple of inconsistencies with the data: NonMotoristLocation was OTHER (I mean, it should be known; either she was on the roadway, or on the shoulder); and the driver’s lane says crosswalk (code 20; which can’t be correct; it presumably should be Lane 1, or possibly shoulder).

The most recent street view (several years old) shows a two-lane road with no gravel shoulders. The area is sparsely populated. This area more than likely is officially categorized as urban, but this road behaves more like rural. See Cross and Fisher 1977 for a good explanation of how they re-coded urban/rural data, and how that matters for understanding crash data.







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