Driver jumps curb and knocks down signal pole

6/3/2019 morning peak time. Another* one. This time the NW corner of Ray and 48th St; a high-volume hi-speed arterial intersection. Hopefully no one was killed; but of course that would just be luck — the car drove right over the sidewalk to eliminate the pole.

This is/will cause major traffic disruptions; it’s still blocked a day later and the workmen told me it is likely to take a week to 10 days.(it was ultimately 8 days). The right-hand westbound thru lane on Ray will be blocked until the project is finished; and the Southbound RTO and bike lanes are also blocked.

Driver were, as expected, mostly ignoring the no right turn temporary sign (proactive enforcement of traffic laws is lax to non-existent). I expect this sign is there for worker-safety concerns.

Hopefully the driver remained on the scene, and has good insurance because this looks like an expensive repair of city property; otherwise taxpayers are on the hook. Unbelievably, the minimum Property Damage Liability in Arizona is a mere $10,000; which leave property owners on the hook for much of the damage caused by errant motorists. Just another externality of automobility.

No word on if any of those dangerous potholes that Councilman DiCiccio keeps talking about was involved. In rejecting  studying ways to make our streets safer, he says he and his constituents want nothing more than fixing potholes and repaving is necessary in his district. Well I, for one, want something more.

Drivers in Ahwatukee (and, of course, elsewhere too) continue to drive dangerously along our high-speed streets; driving up on sidewalks and killing people; knocking down walls, streetsigns, bus stops, light poles, etc.

* A few years ago, a driver likewise wiped out the signal pole at Warner and 48th Street, one mile north.

There are a couple of dozen crashes reported here per year (393 over most recent 10 years)

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  1. The permanent pole was up and running as of 6 / 11, so it took a week of complicating traffic

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