One thought on “Waymo rammed by out-of-control driver”

  1. Similar, but this time in Tucson and the red light runner threatened bicyclists:

    This video captured from my wife’s front Cycliq camera. She rides with front and back Cycliq’s and loves them for their ease of use.

    This video was provided to TPD – with the request for emphasis on bike safety vs. out-of-date click-it-or-ticket “safety” programs. The ongoing death rate in AZ and Tucson strongly argues for emphasis on bike/ped safety over those encapsulated in steel cages surrounded with airbags.

    I always ride with my Sony Action Cam and I have asked my wife to be sure to preserve the video if I am run over, and THEN check for my pulse . . .

    Both of us have captured many near miss crashes and on occasion provide the video to the City or County. We feel this kind of concrete evidence helps the city/county bicycle advocates persuade the many naysayers still inhabiting public works departments.

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