Bicyclist killed in Phx semi truck right-hook crash

[synopsis: this is not a “classic” right hook; the cyclist appears to have been riding on the sidewalk and entered into the crosswalk (or “just south of the crosswalk”)  just before the collision with a right-turning semi]

11/24/2015 0540am. Phoenix police say bicyclist Krystle Ann Klain, 33, was riding eastbound on Glendale Avenue, approaching 43rd Ave where she collided with a right-turning semi-truck driver.

The news reports don’t mention if the bicyclist was riding in the roadway, or on the sidewalk/crosswalk. There doesn’t appear to be a Bike Lane there, which would lead me to speculate it was a sidewalk thing. (the crash database says the cyclist was in the crosswalk, the crash narrative is different: it states ROADWAY, but goes on to say “due to report management system limitations box 24 [bike/ped location] was not accessible to check unknown location for the bicyclist (Unit 1) as it is undetermined if she was in the crosswalk or immediately south of it”), and in to report box 24 has no entry.

This is a hit-and-run, however it’s quite possible, perhaps even likely, that the driver is unaware of the crash. [News reports 11/26 say the driver has identified himself after learning of the incident through media reports, and police say no criminal charges will be filed]

There was a  hit-and-run, right-hook semi fatality in Boston back in August this year.  It was a right turn off of Massachusetts Ave and Beacon. The truck was readily identified becasue of surveillance video, but was located hours, and hundreds of miles away later. That intersection has some poor bicycle infrastructure that encourages right-hook collisions.

Crash Report

This is ADOT incident=3053904 (you won’t be able to click on that link). This is Phoenix incident 15002252569

The results are consistent with this being a same-way, both units eastbound, cyclist in crosswalk getting right-hooked crash. The HitAndRun flag is correctly set; this was a hit and run, regardless of whether or not the driver knew about the crash.

The TrafficWayType is inconsistent between the database and the crash report.  Database says it’s a ONE_WAY_TRAFFICWAY, but report has it as  TWO WAY DIVIDED POSITIVE MEDIAN BARRIER which is correct.

Police in the news reports already said they weren’t planning on any (hit-and-run) charges, and they faulted the bicyclist, although for UNKNOWN, which is of course ambiguous. The database has the Truck driver as UNKNOWN also, however the crash report has NO IMPROPER checked, so there’s a discrepancy.

It’s not clear from the narrative how or why fault was assigned to the bicyclist.

FARS case=40791. Crash group is correct: Motorist Right Turn / Merge, however, the specific crash type seems incorrect: Motorist Right Turn on Red – Same Direction. The report narrative and the report indicate the truck made the right turn on a green.

The news Report

As per usual, the AP insists on calling this an accident “Police in Phoenix have released the name of a woman who was killed in a hit-and-run accident“. They even say the police told them! I have query out to Phx PD’s contact email. #crashnotaccident. The brain-dead Arizona papers from Flagstaff and Tucson (Arizona Daily Sun / Star follow right along.

Semi hits, kills bicyclist at Phoenix intersection; police seeking driver

Phoenix police are searching for a semitruck that struck and killed a bicyclist early Tuesday morning.

The fatal hit-and-run happened around 5:40 a.m. at 43rd and Glendale avenues.

Krystle Ann Klain, 33, was riding eastbound on Glendale Avenue, approaching 43rd, when the vehicle collided with her as it made a right turn, according to a police statement.

Witnesses described the truck as “a standard semitractor with a sleeper cab, dark in color, pulling a white open-top ‘grain-style’ trailer with reflective strips along the sides,” the police statement said.

Authorities urge anyone with information on the crash to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS or 480-T-E-S-T-I-G-O for Spanish speakers. Callers can remain anonymous


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