More sidewalk driving

Baseline and 7th Street, Phoenix.

6/24/2018 around 4pm Baseline near 7th st, Phoenix.

From the probable cause statement:



The defendant was operating a motor vehicle in the area of 700 E Baseline road where he was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes of Baseline Road. The def proceeded eastbound through the intersection of 7th street in the westbound curb lane of Baseline Road where he drove up onto the sidewalk along the north side of baseline road  and struck the victim WHO WAS WALKING ON THE SIDEWALK

The driver/defendant, Raul Perez Parra, kept going, of course. The victim was transported in “extremely critical condition with life-threatening injuries including multiple compound fractures and internal bleeding.” .

Suspected crimes cited are felony hit-and-run, and Aggravated assault (a serious felony), and some drug charges. This is ADOT incident 3451867

Also, just coincidentally, today an in-depth story was published in the New Times, Killer Streets: Phoenix Is a Death Trap for Pedestrians Like Kacie Clark. It uses the killing of Kacie Clark on January 17th this year on a Phoenix city street (near 19th and Indian School; in any event i can’t find it in traffic records at 2018-01-17?) as a hook but goes into great depth about the general dangerousness of Phoenix streets, yes, and sidewalks:

Around 9 a.m., a black Mercedes crossed several lanes of traffic and hopped up onto the curb. The car slammed into the slim 20-year-old, dragging her body along the sidewalk for 60 feet…

One of the stumbling blocks to change is the mindset of GOHS director Alberto Gutier; who’s primary mentality comes across as if peds and bicyclists would just stay out of the way of drivers, everything would be fine. One of his ideas (though he says it’s been “vetoed”) is a publicity campaign showing a ped figure walking between marked lines with the slogan “Use X-walks STUPID”. I wonder if Director Gutier even knows that not all crosswalks are marked? (suggested slogan: “not all crosswalks are marked, STUPID”?)

One of my general grievances with this type of article is while focusing on one aspect of traffic safety, pedestrians in this case, the shear magnitude of the problem gets marginalized. There were over thirty thousand motor vehicle crashes reported in Phoenix in 2016; only a few hundred of these involved pedestrians and a few hundred involved bicyclists. And while, yes, the ped fatalities have been rising, there remain more motorists killed in traffic crashes than pedestrians (or bicyclists). And, these numbers dramatically understate the MV problem, because those figures count only city-streets, crashes on freeways are reported separately.

Everyone, including motorists, would benefit from reducing peak motorist speeds on city streets.

Since I didn’t have anywhere else to put this…

QUADRUPLE Fountain Hills Ped Fatality

The Phoenix metro area was featured in this June 2018 USA Today news story  Death on foot: America’s love of SUVs is killing pedestrians America’s love for SUVs is killing pedestrians, and federal safety regulators have known for years. (here’s a link via usatoday’s site) Begins by relating a horrendous Fountain Hills quadruple fatality that occured in March 13, 2018 in Fountain Hills:

A Ford Explorer driven by 27-year-old Alex Bradshaw hopped a curb and hit them (Robert and Karen Bonta) as they stood on a sidewalk. Canadians Patti Lou and Ronald Doornbos, were also struck by the SUV as they walked toward the corner in a marked crosswalk. Patti Lou, 60, died immediately; Ronald died June 12.

The “for years” part in the title refers to the studies from the early aughts, I’ve  mentioned here —  “As early as 2001, researchers at Rowan University in New Jersey predicted a deadly trend” that SUV (and light truck) impacts are more deadly to pedestrians.

Here’s the original news story about the tragedy, 3 dead, 1 critical after SUV hops curb and hits pedestrians in Fountain Hills “Three people died and one person was critically injured when an SUV hopped a curb and struck four pedestrians (March 13, 2018)”. The fourth victim died in June. where it was mentioned “It is unknown whether the driver…  will be charged with the four deaths” (the driver eventually was charged and plead guilty to neg hom , see below).

This is adot incident 3388017; occurred 3/13/2018.

Criminal Cases

Raul Perez Parra :

    • CR-2018131319 Maricopa County Superior Court
      13-1204 (F3) AGGRAVATED ASSAULT and 28-661A1 (F2) LEAVE ACCIDENT W/DEATH/INJURY; also plead to a reduced drug paraphernalia 13-3415A (F6)
    • CR-2018131319 case minutes

The sentencing minute for a plea deal says, if i’m reading this right, 10 years prison for the aggravated assault; followed by 3 years supervised probation.

The Driver who killed Kacie Clark:

I can’t find any record of this crash(?) Last mention was an abc15 news story in Jan 2019.

Alex John Bashaw :

A plea deal was accepted April awaiting sentencing on four counts of Neg Hom (F4), stipulated dangerous/non-repetitive. A neg hom conviction normally nets a couple of years in prison.

Sentence minute 7/23; “A Presumptive term of 6 years” and some restitution details)

Mr Bashaw also had a couple of other prior Superior Court cases; CR-2012163172 and CR-2013448549 , some drugs charges.


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  1. beware median attacks too. lol kid saw one doing a uturn. karma stuck the car to the median. concrete reinforced tunnels for pedestrians?

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