Toddler killed in Tempe parking lot

ped fatality in apt complex; victim 3 yo girl.  Occurred in the parking lot of apartment complex near University Drive and Rural Road around 2 p.m. June 25, 2018

It’s been widely noted that AZ has a growing and worsening ped traffic fatality “problem”; fortunately this one doesn’t count (yes, this is sarcasm, but nevertheless true)… because it happened in a private lot, it’s non-traffic and as such doesn’t count as a traffic fatality; DUI or otherwise. (similar to e.g. little Daylin Garcia Enos who was killed in a Tucson apt complex parking lot by a backing UPS truck)

In case you are wondering, DUI applies not just on the roads but “and elsewhere”. The story doesn’t say whether or not the driver’s alleged impairment contributed to the crash; but of course could lead to criminal charges if a prosecutor believes the driver’s (alleged) impairment caused the crash.

Police: Toddler hit by truck in Tempe

(Police say a 3-year-old girl who was struck by a truck in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Tempe died Friday)
Meanwhile, the driver accused of striking her has been released from police custody.
According to police, 61-year-old Lavelle Ferebee hit the child with his vehicle outside an apartment complex near University Drive and Rural Road around 2 p.m. Monday. ..
The incident happened as a man was unloading his children from his car in the parking lot, police said. The girl exited the car first, and as the father unloaded another child, she walked in front of the truck, which moved forward and struck her, police said.
Ferebee stayed on scene and was later booked and released pending a DUI charge, police said. Police added that he has not been charged because they are awaiting lab results.
The truck involved belonged to Golf Cart Parts Co. of Gilbert. The driver was delivering a golf cart to the complex, police said.

Criminal Case

I don’t have any further info beyond that the driver “was charged with 2 counts of DUI which are currently being handled by the Tempe City Municipal Courts.”; per Tempe PD PIO request responded 5/20/2019.

(I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t show on AZ court’s case lookup, by that name anyway, Tempe Muni court is supposed to be be in the database)

In any event two DUI charges means two misdemeanor impairment charges (presumably one for over the BAC limit for alcohol, and the other “impaired in the slightest”); if found guilty, normally nets something like a day in jail along with fines. That there are no charges in superior court means the county prosecutors determined they didn’t believe they could prove the  impairment caused the crash that killed the toddler.


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