Phx: man killed in motorized bicycle collision on Buckeye

6/4/2019 Tues morning

The new report says that police say moto-bicyclist Johnny Lee Nero was SB on 16th Ave and collided with a westbound driver on Buckeye after the moto-bicyclist failed to yield at the intersection.

Note that persons riding a motorized bicycle are NOT bicyclists; they are categorized statistically as drivers of a motor vehicle (moped or motorcycle).


16th Ave and Buckeye; 16th Ave is a residential street, and Buckeye is a standard multi-laned Phoenix arterial posted for 35mph max speed limit.

[edit: corrected per comment below] The picture in the news report shows the bicycle just west of the NW corner.

Man on motorized bicycle hit by car, killed in Phoenix
PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) — A man on a motorized bicycle was hit by a car and killed Tuesday morning.
…According to police, Johnny Lee Nero, 51, was heading south on 16th Avenue, approaching Buckeye Road.
…Detective Luis Samudio said Nero ran a stop sign and was hit by a pick-up truck going west on Buckeye Road.

2 thoughts on “Phx: man killed in motorized bicycle collision on Buckeye”

  1. No. The bike is laying just west of the north-west corner. You can verify this on Google Maps. You can even see the green sign on the wall in some of the Google Maps street views that has apparently been changed from a white one recently.

    I find it odd that they would classify this as motorcycle/moped if the bicycle was a legal motorized bicycle. I also find it odd that a cyclist would run a stop sign in a way that would get him hit on such a major/busy street.

    Thanks for the correction on directions, i edited the article above to reflect.

  2. Many bike clubs, ours included in St. Pete, are trying to figure out where e-bikes fit into the peloton. I was skeptical at first, Now I’m more certain we should ban them in group rides. An e-bike rider took me out a few weeks back. I sustained minor road rash, but the electric Clydsdale broke my derailluer hanger. She executed a rookie move of looking over her shoulder and the bike came with her right into me.

    It’s not only that many e-bike riders don’t have enough group experience, the bikes themselves are tough to control in a group. They jump a little when you juice them and they don’t respond immediately to braking. You can’t ride one of these things a foot from the wheel in front of you.

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