PD: Impaired driver hit, killed man riding bicycle along Mesa street

source: 3TV/CBS5

7/9/2019 ~5PM McDowell Road near Higley; police say an eastbound driver drifted into the very wide bike lane and killed bicyclist Scott Purdie who was also eastbound. The driver was arrested due exhibiting signs of impairment.

The area is two high-speed thru lanes; along with a bike lane and right buffer.

There are a number of comments attached to the azfamily article that claim to have been by the scene “I was at the scene, (the victim) did his best to be safe, he wore a brightly colored safety vest and a helmet. That’s a very wide bike lane there as well. I hope everyone gets answers soon.”, as well as some blatant trolling “Its probably a homeless or DUI loser riding home from work… Why else would you ride a bike in 105 degrees… I hope the car isn’t to damaged..”. People, don’t feed the trolls.

PD: Impaired driver hit, killed man riding bicycle along Mesa street

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A 29-year-old man is facing charges after police say he let his car drift into a bike lane, hitting and killing a bicyclist Tuesday evening.

Investigators said Zachary Taylor admitted using heroin and methadone… It happened just after 5 p.m. Tuesday on McDowell Road just east of Higley Road.

According to the Mesa Police Department, Scott Purdie, 67, was riding east on McDowell Road, when Taylor, who was also going east, hit him. Purdie died at the scene… Jennifer said her father was an avid cyclist and never left the house without the proper equipment. “He always wore all reflective gear, bright yellow shirts, had on all kinds of headlights… Because Taylor “showed numerous signs of impairment,” according to Mesa PD, officers on the scene requested a drug recognition expert.

The title of the original news blurb “at least 1 killed…” suggests there may have been others involved; though that doesn’t seem to have ever been the case so I’m not sure why it was written that way. P.S. Please MesaPD, @droptheaword, use #crashnotaccident:

PD: At least 1 killed in crash involving bicycle in Mesa
azfamily.com News Staff Posted 17 hrs ago 18
MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A deadly crash involving a bicycle took place this Tuesday evening in Mesa, according to the the Mesa Police Department… It happened in the area of McDowell and Higley roads…The bicyclist who died in this crash is believed to be a man, police say…Few details were immediately available…. Right now it is unclear whether impairment had anything to do with this incident… Nik Rasheta, a media relations detective with the Mesa Police Department, says officials are currently at the scene investigating the accident.

C’mon Mesa PD; impaired driving is NO ACCIDENT!  From Mesa PD’s blog:

Fatal Accident – Arrest
On July 9th, 2019 just after 5 pm a bicyclist was traveling East on McDowell just West of Higley Road when he was struck by a vehicle also traveling Eastbound. The bicyclist (identified as 67 year old Scott Purdie) was pronounced deceased at the scene and the driver of the vehicle remained at the scene and cooperated with the investigation. The collision investigation determined that the vehicle had drifted into the bike lane striking the bicyclist. The driver showed numerous signs of impairment and a Drug Recognition Expert was called to the scene. After a thorough investigation the driver was arrested for one count of manslaughter. The driver later admitted to using Heroin and Methadone and further admitted to using Methamphetamine earlier in the week. At the time of his arrest he was in possession of Heroin and drug paraphernalia. The driver was identified as 29 year old Zachary Taylor. He has been charged with one count of manslaughter, narcotic drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Here’s a news report based on the suspects arraignment (or first appearance, or whatever it’s called):

Mesa man arrested in impaired crash that killed cyclist, police say
Aubrey Carpenter, Arizona Republic  July 11, 2019

Zachary Levi Taylor was being held on charges of reckless manslaughter and narcotics possession after he fatally struck a bicyclist in Mesa… According to the police report, Taylor showed signs of drug consumption, including having pale-colored skin, slow and low speech, and blood-shot eyes… Taylor acknowledged taking methadone — a drug used to treat addiction — earlier that day, but he initially denied any other drug use. After failing several impairment tests, he was arrested … Taylor later tested positive for opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamine and methadone, the police report said. He told officers he had used meth and heroin earlier in the week before taking methadone the same day as the collision…Police also found heroin and paraphernalia in his possession, according to the police report. Taylor was being held without bond in a Maricopa County jail on suspicion of reckless manslaughter, narcotic drug possession and use of drug paraphernalia. He was scheduled to appear in court July 16.(?)


Criminal Case

The defendant plead guilty to manslaughter. The presumptive sentence is 10.5 years for F2 dangerous non-repetitive per 28-704. There doesn’t appear to have been any new/media coverage of the sentence or plea deal.

Sentence: “AS PUNISHMENT, IT IS ORDERED the Defendant is sentenced to a term of imprisonment and is committed to Department of Corrections / Arizona State Prison as follows: Count 001 – A less than Presumptive term of 9.5 years…”


Crash Report



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