Tucson bicyclist wrong-way headon

11/19/2019 12:50PM. A wrong-way bicyclist collided headon with the driver of a pickup along 22nd Street, near South Vista Overlook Drive. According to the news report (and the picture seems to corroborate) that both were in the curb lane (the right-most of 3 thru lanes there); what’s weird is that places the bicyclist ~ 15 feet from the curb since there’s both a BL and an RTO lane there (it’s a very wide road).

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Tucson cyclist killed by hit&run driver on Park Ave

11/15/2019 3:09AM A hit and run motorist drifted (or otherwise was driving) in the Bike Lane, northbound S Park Ave near E 27th St, Tucson and killed 45 y.o. bicyclist Michael Noriega.

HIT AND RUN BE ON THE LOOKOUT: suspect vehicle: dark-colored pickup truck similar in style to a Ford Ranger. See something say something; a sharp eyed neighbor enabled police to make arrest in ped-fatal hit/run in Chandler a few weeks ago.


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Teen hit, killed on bike while crossing Gilbert street

9/24/2019 ~ 6PM Gilbert Police said a 15 y.o. girl was seriously injured while crossing Greenfield Road after being struck by a southbound(not sure?) driver. She died the next morning.

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Bicyclist dies after injuries in hit-run Prescott Valley crash

Aug 20, 2019 ~ 8PM. The crash occurred near the intersection of East Frontage Road and North Starlight Drive, Prescott Valley. There were no details on the manner of collision.

Hit and run, bicyclist suffered serious injuries and died several days later on Aug 26. The suspect driver was book on suspicion of aggravated assault, etc.; hinting the police believe the driver was impaired and caused the crash. Now that the victim has died, charges would presumably be upgraded to a homicide.

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Tucson bicyclist dies months after hit-and-run collision

3/12/2019 A hit and run driver struck a bicyclist along West Ajo Way near Interstate 19. The bicyclist 70 y.o. David Ramirez died in July of injuries suffered.

Readers of these pages will recall the justice system in Arizona fails to treat hit and run drivers as serious criminals,  despite it being a serious felony.

Also as a statistical note, this death will not “count” statistically as a traffic fatality because the victim died more than 30 days after the incident; these and other non-fatality-fatalities get recorded below the line in the spreadsheet

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PD: Impaired driver hit, killed man riding bicycle along Mesa street

source: 3TV/CBS5

7/9/2019 ~5PM McDowell Road near Higley; police say an eastbound driver drifted into the very wide bike lane and killed bicyclist Scott Purdie who was also eastbound. The driver was arrested due exhibiting signs of impairment.

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4 y.o. killed

June 27, 2019 time unspecified. 4 y.o. boy Royal  ( parents: Veronica Sandoval & Eric Chavez) killed by pickup in Mesa; not many details. Possibly backing? no location listed; it sort of implies it was near his home.

Gofundme page, JusticeForRoyal, to help the victim’s parents, Veronica Sandoval & Eric Chavez, with expenses.

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Hit and run driver kills man in Somerton

June 22, 2019; time unspecified; A hit and run driver driving on the shoulder killed a 77 y.o. male bicyclist. US95 near County 15th Street., Somerton AZ (Yuma County)

This is possibly a #drifted error, though without more details it’s hard to know; the driver may well have been drunk and lost control.

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Man badly hurt in Chandler collision; succumbs to injuries

taillight (seen here on curb) still blinking [screen grab from ABC15 raw footage]
6/17/2019 ~ 0436am. 62 y.o. male Raymon Granillo w/”life-threatening” injuries. Unconfirmed reports and then a post from Chandler PD a few days later confirmed that the victim died later of his injuries.

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Phx: man killed in motorized bicycle collision on Buckeye

6/4/2019 Tues morning

The new report says that police say moto-bicyclist Johnny Lee Nero was SB on 16th Ave and collided with a westbound driver on Buckeye after the moto-bicyclist failed to yield at the intersection.

Note that persons riding a motorized bicycle are NOT bicyclists; they are categorized statistically as drivers of a motor vehicle (moped or motorcycle).


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Bicyclist killed in Tempe

Eastbound Curry approaching College Ave.

1/23/2019 6:14a Victim  66 y.o. male Peter Bergsneider. In the area of College and Curry. It must have been near the intersection because of the mention they were struck next to a left turn lane. One unconfirmed report is that it was eastbound Curry at College, and another unconfirmed report states “the driver was allegedly texting”. Continue reading “Bicyclist killed in Tempe”