woman killed at Tempe bus stop by out-of-control driver

3/12/2018 ~11:30am near Baseline and Priest, Tempe; 52 yo Penny L. Brown was killed by a driver who for unstated reasons lost control in a Circle K parking lot and wiped her out on the sidewalk near a bus stop…

According to police, as officers arrived at the scene, they learned that a male driver had lost control of his vehicle and struck Brown, who was standing near the bus stop on the south side of Baseline. abc15

This is far from the first time drivers have piled into bus stops ( see e.g. bus-stop-killed in Ahwatukee, or leg-amputated in Tempe, or car-slams-into-bus-stop-teen-bystander-killed in Phoenix ). Happens all the time, out of control drivers are here, there and everywhere.

In other recent auto-carnage news, Wrong-way driver involved in February crash had .238 BAC. A wrong-way driver was impaired? Imagine that. He was seriously injured.

And just a few days before Peoria police announced they arrested a  driver who killed… “Justin Stasierowski, 37, was driving a car that strayed from the road and struck (killed) a 65-year-old man who was walking on a sidewalk…”. They think he might have been drunk when he drove up on the sidewalk.

Imagine my surprise when a day or two later I read about a story showing Arizona has a particularly bad rate of pedestrian fatalities (Arizona has bad traffic stats in general) that Arizona’s chief traffic-apologist, and head victim-blamer Alberto Gutier was quoted as saying

“I am horrified because I’ve seen for the last two years the increase of pedestrian fatalities going up,” Gutier said. “The state is doing the best they can. Cities have marked crosswalks, they have signs that say, ‘Don’t cross here’ and they still do it.” He added: “People think that they’re invincible and they cross.” — azcentral.com


Footnote Penny L. Brown’s death: this may or may not be included as a traffic statistic; the “unstablized situation” apparently began in a private parking lot. it seems as though some are and some are not with no clear pattern. The only way to know for sure is to wait and see if it appears in 2018 FARS.

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