Pickup driver loses control, kills bicyclist

(Source: KPHO/KTVK)
(Source: KPHO/KTVK)

10/29/2015 ~ just before midnight. 35th Avenue near Montebello Avenue, Phoenix. Victim 42 y.o. male Hussein Yunus. Driver was taken into custody, name not released, and later released. This is a residential area, with residences fronting a “busy” street, 35th Ave. The “pickup truck left the roadway and hit him. A witness said the bike rider flew about 100 feet…The driver was taken into custody. Investigators are looking into intoxication as a factor and are awaiting results from a toxicology analysis”. The news report video said something to the effect that “police believe impairment was involved but not necessarily alcohol”.

The bicyclist was on sidewalk, according to abc15.com’s report, which would be consistent with the driver (first) losing control and mounting the curb, wiping out everything in his out-of-control path. Also, since “police released the driver to his dad while they continued to investigate” the dad part leads one to think the driver may be a minor (the crash data shows the driver as a 23 y.o. male so that surmise wasn’t correct).

Crash Report

This is ADOT incident=3043328 (you won’t be able to click on that link). File number 20152085508 can’t be found online; it doesn’t seem to follow the usual format which is YYYY00XXXXXX, tried 15002085508, 15000085508, 15000285508

Motorist was faulted for UNKNOWN (which is sometimes common in fatalites where the investigator doesn’t want to go out on a limb);

The 23 y.o. M driver drove up on the sidewalk (after or in the process of crashing into two properly parked vehicles) and killed a bicyclist. There are lots of “Unknowns” and it’s not clear if the victim was really a bicylist or more like a pedestrian just standing on the sidewalk.

This is Phoenix file number 20152085508 so crash report should be available online, though incident number 15002085508 didn’t work so I’ll have to call. And that should reveal the driver’s name, enabling a lookup of what, if any, charges were filed.

There are a lot of blanks and -1’s for the alcohol and drug testing fields.

FARS case=40726 consistent: Motorist Lost Control – Other / Unknown

Bicyclist dies after being hit by truck

A bicyclist who was hit by a pickup truck near 35th Avenue and Bethany Home Road late Thursday night has died.

Police said the 42-year-old man was riding on 35th Avenue near Montebello Avenue shortly before midnight when a southbound pickup truck left the roadway and hit him.

A witness said the bike rider flew about 100 feet.

Police said the truck continued into a residential yard where it struck a parked vehicle and a tree.

The victim was pronounced dead after the collision. His name has not yet been released.

The driver was taken into custody.

Investigators are looking into intoxication as a factor and are awaiting results from a toxicology analysis. The investigation is still ongoing.

Police ID bicyclist killed in Phoenix crash

Police released the name of a bicyclist who died after he was struck by a car Thursday night in Phoenix.

42-year-old Hussein Yunus was hit just before midnight when a car went off the road while headed south on 35th Avenue near Montebello Avenue, said Sgt. Vince Lewis, a Phoenix police spokesman.

The car then went into a residential yard, crashing into a parked vehicle and a tree, Lewis said.

Officers checked the driver for possible intoxication and then released him. Lewis said investigators are waiting for blood-test results to determine what, if any, charges the driver may face.

Lewis said the investigation is ongoing

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