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Cases where a motorist strikes a bicyclist from behind in the same travel lane (not a bike lane, or shoulder). And, if at night, the bicyclist was using either a rear taillight or red reflector present was present.
Also see tag “drifted” (motorists leaves a general purpose travel lane and strikes a bicyclist from behind in a bike lane or shoulder)

Austrian bicyclist dies in Kingman Crash

4/5/2018 11:05am  Bicyclist Stefan Ganster was struck from behind by the driver of a pickup in the 1200 block of W. Beale Street, Kingman, which is a.k.a. US-93, part of the S.H.S.  He was seriously injured and died of his injuries several days later. A couple of odd remarks from the news story:

He was riding westbound on Beale Street in the curb lane. The pickup driver, also westbound in the inside lane, changed lanes and crashed into the bicyclist.
Vision obstruction and speed are believed to be factors in the crash.

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Driver kills Bullhead City cyclist; is arrested

photo: Mojave Valley The Daily News

5/5/2017 bicyclist Robert Dale Fox II was killed by driver Melanie Laverne Jones, and arrested on suspicion of 2nd degree murder
suspected and DUI.
The rear end collision occurred on SR95 between Home Depot and the USPS. (~ MP 249)

The outside lane appears to be quite ( ~ 14 feet plus a 2 foot gutter pan) wide, and the bicyclist was thrown into the curb. The motorist was likely swerved toward the curb. The body of that car is ~ 6 feet wide.

Criminal Case

According to a June 8, 2017 Mohave Valley Daily News article, Melanie Luverne Jones is being held in county jail on DUI higher than .20 plus manslaughter charges and has left the public defender in favor of hiring her own lawyer

CR-201700638  Mohave County Superior


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Girl killed in Buckeye by distracted driver

I had missed this when it happened, though it was reported in the media. I learned about it while hearing the victim’s mother speak at the Distracted Driving Summit at the state capitol yesterday.

Nov 2, 2016 ~ 6:30pm. Victim Chloe Schneider, 16/F was struck from behind  by a 22/F driver on Yuma Road near Tuthill, Buckeye, AZ. Chloe was training for an upcoming (MTB) event. (If i remember what I heard correctly, the victim’s sister was also involved?)

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2015 Unknown/”Invisible” Bicyclist Fatalities

This article is a catch-all for any reported Arizona bicyclist traffic fatality that are otherwise unknown — no media, or any other, coverage could be found; they are only listed as statistics in the crash database.

In addition to the six below, there are an additional two that were not mentioned anywhere in the news/media: two-missing-2015-hit-and-run-fatalities. Continue reading 2015 Unknown/”Invisible” Bicyclist Fatalities

1 dead, 1 injured after car hits bicyclists; riders were owners of Havasu bike store

Near spot of double-fatality outside of Lake Havasu City
Near spot of double-fatality outside of Lake Havasu City (photo dated Dec 2015). Closeup on shoulder and rumble strip; note the strip is continuous.

Wednesday, 7/1/2015, ~ 0705am; Lake Havasu City bicyclist Deborah Robison was killed and bicyclist Lawrence Smith was seriously injured when struck by a driver on SR-95 south, near SARA Park. [update: Smith died 7/5/2015 Second bicyclist dies after SR 95 collision in Lake Havasu City]

The nature of the road in that area is a  high-speed rural, not limited-access highway [ this guess as to location is the WRONG location: with one lane in each direction  sample on Google street view ] For the exact area of the collision, which is further out of town than I had guessed, see below in the Crash Report section which has details.


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Bicyclist killed in Prescott after being struck by truck

Toby Lee Beaty
Toby Lee Beaty

[Update: PLEA DEAL March 5, 2016  Driver takes plea in fatal Prescott bike crash  “The plea agreement noted that probation of up to seven years is available” The possibility of (only) probation for manslaughter indicates the deal must stipulate that the manslaughter will be sentenced as a “non-dangerous” crime.  ]

SENTENCE: Yavapai County Superior Court CR-201501124; case minute from 4/4/2016 contains the sentence (Yavapai minutes are available via AZ Supreme Case lookup, but apparently not linkable); if i am reading it correctly, it’s 3 years incarceration in prison for the non-dangerous manslaughter. The DUI resulted in effectively no punishment (it’s concurrent; I suppose this is normal). ]

[Update: Man charged in deadly January truck vs. bicycle crash “Toby Beaty, 37, of Prescott, was arrested Sunday, Oct. 18 2015 and charged with manslaughter and two counts of misdemeanor DUI …”  No word on why this took so long.]

Victim Amber “Cricket” Harrington, 23/F.  1/16/2015 ~ 5pm Location: southbound White Spar Road, unspecified location; but presumably within city of Prescott. Continue reading Bicyclist killed in Prescott after being struck by truck

Bicyclist killed Deer Valley Rd by overtaking motorist

I can’t find any mention of this fatality anywhere; seems odd.


I found this while corroborating the 2014 data, this is adot incident=2836999 Phoenix FileNumber: 201400828333; i haven’t yet tried to look up the ACR, though it should be available.

The data describes a classic motorist overtaking crash; both units were eastbound on Deer Valley Rd near 44th St, Phoenix. Middle of the morning (no lighting issues) on a weekday; when traffic is light. The motorist was dinged for “speed too fast…”.

Deer Valley Road is an urban (suburban) arterial road, in that section is a total of 4 lanes wide, two in each direction; eastbound is a dirt shoulder (westbound is curb and gutter). It’s, of course, not possible to tell the cyclist’s lane position from the database.