Driver kills man at Safeway

source: 3TV / CBS5

2/28/2018 ~3PM
Man dies after being hit by SUV outside Scottsdale Safeway
“The victim has been identified as 81-year-old Michael Ebertin… Police said a 70-year-old woman was behind the wheel of an SUV with another woman when she, for some reason, drove up on the sidewalk to the front of the store and hit the two men.
She stopped just short of the store.”

This may ultimately be categorized as a be a non-traffic fatality? (within the parking lot).

According to there are 500 (presumably mostly pedestrian) fatalities a year in “store front” crashes. 500/year sounds high, that would be (mostly) on top of the ~ 5,000 ped deaths/yr (well, now more like nearly 6,000, but who’s counting?) in traffic as reported by FARS.

And according to older drivers are over-represented in these crashes.

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