Road Rage, late-night bar-hopping, and guns

Incident Feb 4, 2018 left an off-duty Tempe fire captain Kyle Brayer dead.

The defendant, Hezron Parks, has plead not guilty to a variety of charges: 3X aggravated assault, 7X endangerment, and leaving the scene, and some others.  Murder charges, if any, have yet to be brought —  “The defendant stated that he felt threatened and justified in grabbing his unholstered handgun”

He was having a rough night beforehand:

Records show (the defendant) Parks told police that he had been roughed up by security staff at one Scottsdale club, and was denied entry at another. Parks had also lost his phone before getting into his Scion TC coupe.

The agg assaults presumably are tied to “bumping” (intentionally hitting using his vehicle, see vehicular assault) a golf cart-style taxi used in downtown scottsdale in which the victim was riding along with two others. I don’t know where the 7X endangerment comes in, and the leaving the scene was he reportedly hit more vehicles after the shooting as he fled.

He immediately contacted police to report the incident, er, I mean “ten hours later, Parks turned himself in to police after seeing reports and vehicle descriptions on local media channels.”

I wonder if he had been drinking?

azcentral: Hezron Parks, man accused of shooting Tempe Fire Capt. Kyle Brayer, pleads not guilty

Amandala (english-language Belize newspaper) story mentions the defendant was a Belizian national living and working legally in US for the past 5 years. A later news story says “Parks is a U.S. citizen who was born in Belize…  his mother was born in Montana”. He may be dual-citizenship(?).

More details were released including info about the suspect’s interview as well as other police interviews: 5/18/2018 Suspect, witnesses detail confrontation in Tempe firefighter’s shooting death. A bunch of the same info was re-hashed in a 5/27/2018 news story that tries to connect  some refusals by Scottsdale PD to release records (the dashcam video) to County Attorney Montgomery’s recent kerfluffle regarding release of police records.


Criminal Case

CR2018-106492; case minutes.
Defendant’s Attorney: Samuel Doak and Lina Garcia ; Doak’s linkedin says he’s with the public defender’ office. Garcia’s bio doesn’t indicate any criminal work so maybe just a placeholder.

The indictment is for 2nd degree murder plus a whole bunch of ancillary charges as mentioned above. the hit and run charge is a 28-662A2 (why not 663? maybe because the “bumping” resulted only in property damage?); and also a disorder conduct / fighting charge 13-2904A1 

Case is proceeding, as of 11/15/2018 Continuance past last day.

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