Bicyclist killed in Baseline Road crash

4/26/2017 ~8am. Bicyclist Cindi Whitmore was killed after being struck by a truck driver in south Phoenix.

Both the truck and bicycle were traveling westbound, the truck collided with the bicyclist on Baseline near 36th Street.

Baseline is a primary arterial, in this section it has a raised median with 3 lanes in each direction plus a wide designated bike lane.

I’ll leave this bit here for posterity, but based on the 5/4/2017 news story, it’s moot:

Police have not said the circumstances of the crash, but have already signaled the driver will not face any serious criminal charges “Neither speed nor driver impairment appear to be early factors,” That begs the question if it was the driver who drifted out of his lane and into the bicyclist…
cases where a same-direction motorist drifts causing a rear-end collision with a bicyclist in a bike lane (or a shoulder), on its face, should trigger a misdemeanor “causing death by moving violation” charge, see arizona-already-has-a-vulnerable-user-law

In this story that came out a week later reports “Phoenix detectives say she swerved out of the bike lane and was hit by a large produce truck”

Here’s an initial news report:

Woman riding bicycle hit, killed by truck
…According to Sgt. Jonathan Howard, the woman was riding westbound on Baseline Road when a truck heading the same direction hit her… “Neither speed nor driver impairment appear to be early factors,” Howard said.

Crash Report

FileNumber: 201700718759 -> phx incident 17000718759 WHITMORE

Checkboxes have some inconsistencies, the NML is not listed but the data says BL, should be IN ROADWAY. The unit lane correctly lists bicyclist and truck as lane 3 (the rightmost general purpose lane) but in the data, the cyclist’s lane is BL (should be lane 3). As usual the manner of collision is correctly checked as rear-end and was overridden in the data to OTHER. Narrative:

Traffic Unit #1,(the bicyclist), was westbound on Baseline Road in the westbound bicycle lane when for unknown reasons, she veered into the curb Lane colliding with Traffic Unit #2, a white 2015 Freightliner box truck.
The driver was evaluated at the scene by a DRE and determined not to be impaired. A reconstruction of the Collision indicated the Freightliner was traveling at a minimum [?] speed of 36 miles per hour the posted speed limit for East Baseline Road was 45 miles per hour.

As such, I removed the “drifted” tag, and added “strike from behind”; I have no special tag for swerved.

For whatever reason the datafile is MISSING a lat/long, so I inserted it into the raw datafile (this was the only missing bike fatal lat/long; there were 5 other missing bike crash lat/long’s) 33.3781094,-112.0043897

I tried to get the Crash Report in June…

I called Phx records on 6/27 to get the incident number. After a relatively brief wait, the rep. after sounding confused about why anyone would want the report put me on hold to find the number. After what seemed to be a long time (10 minutes) she returned to say there was a dept report but no “accident” report (they love to say accident here). I commented that sounded odd, she said she expects there will be one someday at some unknowable time in the future. In any event, there is no incident number that she could tell me at this time.

[UPDATE this was all probably true, in the datafile i received in Aug 2018 it says the report wasn’t received by adot until 2017-09-25], I’m not sure if I’m buying that there is no crash report yet , they’re supposed be submitted to ADOT in a timely fashion. They also hint that they want and will archive the entire (departmental?) report; from the Arizona Crash Form Manual, Rev. 8/2010:

10. All papers not relevant to data entry of the non-fatal crash reports need not be forwarded. They will be discarded prior to microfilming by the Traffic Records Section with one exception – fatal crash reports. In this instance the report will be filmed in its entirety.
11. There are sometimes extenuating circumstances that may cause the completion of the report to be delayed for an extended period of time. This usually happens when there has been a death or serious injury and felony charges may be pending. It is preferred that when this occurs, a copy of the investigation dealing with the actual crash be forwarded to the Traffic Records Section before completion
of the criminal case. The Traffic Records Section is not interested in criminal data other than civil citation number information from ARS Title 28 Transportation Laws of the State of Arizona.


Some odd comments

There’s a couple of unconfirmed comments on the azfamily’s story: one said she was “crossing”. another said the truck involved was City of Phoenix.

Here’s a really wacky one; this person posting as “Steve Lowen” had a habit of make these sorts of statements whenever there’s a news story involving a bicyclist:

Steve Lowen commented (ON FACEBOOK).

Naturally the driver of the truck will be blamed, whether at fault, or not. There is a new belief that the often out of control bicyclists can do anything they want, and remain blameless. They run stop signs, red lights, ride in packs outside bike lanes etc. with impunity. Get in their way you, pedestrian, mother with stroller, etc. are then in for their abuse.
Come on public officials, police and others, do your job and assure equal treatment. These aggressive wankers, in their dicey spandex, role playing Lance Armstrong, need balance on more than two wheels.

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  1. Cyndi Whitmore was an amazing woman who worked very hard to raise her children, both by birth and by other means. I am one of her children she raise and the fact that you think that she was just an “out-of-control” bicyclist shows me just how ignorant you can be. She had many friends who will probably agree with me. She was a hard-working woman who fought for equality all around and who helped many families who you can gladly call up and ask them what they think about her. Don’t judge all people on one person. She loved to ride her bike and also never wore spandex, and had balance in most of her life. She was amazing and shame on you for judging her when you don’t even now her or the struggles people who did know her, went through to rebuild their lives after an incredible light and life was taken from the world. SHAME!

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