Tucson police: Driver who killed bicyclist was high

Wed June 18,2014 (i think, the news story ran Thursday) ~ 6a. Victim: Kris Lee Chambers, 38. Suspect: Gerardo Luna Cazares, 25. Speedway just west of N Main, Tucson. Both westbound (rear-end); there is a bike lane in this area; in other words, it wasn’t as though it was a misjudgment of passing room.

A 25-year-old driver impaired by drugs hit and killed a bicyclist early Wednesday, a police official said. Investigators said Kris Lee Chambers, 38, was killed just before 6 a.m. while riding her bicycle near downtown, said Officer Brandon Tatum, a spokesman for the Tucson Police Department. Chambers was riding her bicycle westbound on Speedway just west of North Main Avenue, when Gerardo Luna Cazares, 25, ran a red light and struck her, Tatum said. Cazares, who also was traveling westbound, came to a stop after striking a parked car at North 13th Avenue, Tatum said. “Drugs were determined to be factor in the collision on behalf of driver,” Tatum said… azstarnet.com