Tucson bicyclist wrong-way headon

11/19/2019 12:50PM. A wrong-way bicyclist collided headon with the driver of a pickup along 22nd Street, near South Vista Overlook Drive. According to the news report (and the picture seems to corroborate) that both were in the curb lane (the right-most of 3 thru lanes there); what’s weird is that places the bicyclist ~ 15 feet from the curb since there’s both a BL and an RTO lane there (it’s a very wide road).

This is a super-jumbo wide road; about 105 feet wide!.

Looking at the picture along with google maps, it appears to be on 22nd St in the short stretch between S Vista Overlook and S Pantano Overlook Drives.

Tucson police ID 22-year-old bicyclist killed Monday when struck by truck

… Joseph Abdiel Santos-Nelson was riding eastbound in the westbound curb lane of 22nd Street, near South Vista Overlook Drive, when a driver in a westbound Chevrolet Silverado struck Santos-Nelson, according to Tucson police news release. (i couldn’t find the press release at TPD?)



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  1. Thx for updating this site, I an a traveling cyclist and am frequently fearful for my life. I’m in AZ atm and I was reading an article about the highway I had just ridden yesterday in lake havasu city, some cyclists died 4 years ago in the exact location where I was most afraid. Just wanted to thank anyone updating this site and advocating/defending cyclists legally. Thanks a lot.

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