Out of control drivers kill man on Phoenix sidewalk

2CDFB38F00000578-3252553-image-m-111_1443474861187-Yes,  another sidewalk death caused by out of control drivers; Sunday 9/27/2015 — Seriously, how often does stuff like this happen?

According to the story, this was an apparent left turn 2-vehicle collision that sent two out-of-control drivers all over the place. The man who died, Juan Mena-Brito, is credited for shoving his wife to safety just before getting mowed down. 43rd Ave and Peoria, Phoenix, AZ.

One driver, or the other (or possibly both) made an error and now the poor guy on the sidewalk is dead.

Police insist excessive speed is not a problem — perhaps that’s just another way of saying the design of our city’s streets (not just Phoenix, all sunbelt, post-auto cities suffer from the same problem) have too many lanes, and too high “design” speeds is the problem. When a simple, predictable driver error leads to such predictable fatal outcomes.

To the extent the left turn was bad, or for that matter if somebody ran a red (one or the other typically has to happen in a left-turn crash); 28-672 charges should be examined.

Oddly, the dailymail, a UK based news site (but it was an AP story), had a far better story than azcentral. Hmm. Anyway, “According to the Phoenix Fire Department, a wreck caused the SUV to veer onto the sidewalk and into a ditch. That vehicle then hit two pedestrians who were waiting at the corner to cross the street”

More Motor Mayhem

Also in today’s bleed sheet: 19 y.o. Salvador Melchor Diaz has been charged(? too soon? maybe just held on “suspicion of”?) with manslaughter in connection with a high-speed crash that killed his friend and roomate. “Police believe Diaz was intoxicated and driving at least 35mph over the posted 45mph speed limit” Cave Creek and Mountain View , Phoenix ~ 130am Sunday (9/25/2015, i guess?).  Hit and run too. Something about Diaz is a resident of Mexico but has a US work permit.

More More Mayhem

Oh, Oh, they just keep coming… Driver to face several charges in Monday’s (9/28) crash in Phoenix   Phoenix police say they have arrested the driver who fled from a traffic stop Monday afternoon and caused a crash that sent six people to the hospital, including himself. Joshua Aaron Hicks, 30, was being booked Tuesday in Fourth Avenue Jail on suspicion of multiple charges, including three counts of aggravated assault and serious injury, three counts of aggravated assault and temporary disfigurement, six counts of endangerment, possession of dangerous drug for sale, one count of hit-and-run with serious injury and one count of failure to obey a police officer…  Police say Hicks fled instead and exited the freeway at 43rd Avenue, where he ignored a red light, sped and crashed into a vehicle. Sgt. Jonathan Howard, a Phoenix police spokesman, said four people in the other vehicle were hospitalized, with one in critical condition and three in stable condition.