One dead in Maricopa vehicle-bicycle collision

photo: Haward Waggner / Pinal Central

Thursday 5/25/2017 morning. Driver WB on State Route 238 at milepost 43 struck and killed a bicyclist. The story doesn’t say, but the scenario suggests strike-from behind.

SR-238 (here it is near MP 42) is a high-speed rural highway.

One dead in Maricopa vehicle-bicycle collision

MARICOPA — A bicyclist was found dead on the scene after being struck by a vehicle in Maricopa on Thursday morning, authorities said.

According to the Maricopa Police Department, a white Kia minivan was traveling west on State Route 238 at milepost 43, just west of the main part of the city. At around 4:30 a.m., the vehicle struck the bicyclist, a 47-year-old male, and shattered its windshield.

MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado said the driver of the minivan was cooperative. Police are still investigating, including if impairment was involved from either party…


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  1. I’m trying t systematically collect Go Pro videos of drivers behaving badly to send to St. Pete police. Has any similar effort been done there to help get police familiar with what cyclists face?

    Hi bob,
    not that i know of but it seems like a good idea….
    I’ve collected a handful into a youtube playlist:

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