Mesa Stadium Connector Path

I toured the “Mesa Stadium Connector Path” yesterday…
“It links Hohokam Stadium (the spring training home of the Oakland Athletics) and Sloan Park (the training home of the Chicago Cubs) with the Rio Salado Pathway and Tempe Town Lake”

This diagram is out of date but shows the wide variety of treatments; two segments of shared use path, two segments of full-blown two-way cycle track, and a normal street.
It’s a total of about 3 miles.
(the segment on the left/east of the map is completed)
Some of the ped/dedicated signals took a long time to change; there may be more but I remember 5: two to go under 202, cross alma school,  cross country club, cross Center.
So, going from west to east:
The first segment , nearest Sloan park, is normal SUP; then there’s an unpleasantness as the path becomes a sidewalk along Dobson and under SR202. There are two demand pedestrian signals to wait for here. Then continues as a SUP skirting behind Riverview complex (e.g. Bass Pro/Cabela’s). This is about 1.5 in total where the SUP ends at Alma School.
The alma school cycletrack was normal-scarey; it’s only 1/4 mile, there are like three of these intersections:
The expected problems with a two-way fully separated cycle track
The segment on a “normal street” was very nice; it’s about 3/4ths mile. With exceptionally well-placed sharrows, shared lane markings. They were place about 15′ from curb to center of marking.
The street is otherwise traffic-calmed with speed hump, and bulb-outs at the one 4-way stop. The street is residential and doesn’t continue past alma school (on the west) and Date/Brown (on the east).
exceptionally well-placed sharrows along 10th Street in Mesa
The next segment is the most problematical; it’s a two-way cycletrack about 1/2 mile; between N Date (Date turns into Brown Rd), following a bend in the road; then makes a right angle at Country Club Dr. Many what must be high-volume commercial/apartment driveways. Just yikes:
The expected problems with a two-way fully separated cycle track
The final segment is along existing canal SUP; between CC Drive and Center St, 1/2mile not much to say about it other than the wait at both ends for the signal to change after pressing the button was long. Hohokam stadium is at the NE corner of Center and the path.
The SUP continues (but I did not) east for quite a ways; The Consolidated Canal, it’s also labeled as Sun Circle Trail and continues east bending south for miles. It joins up with the Western Canal at Freestone Park (Lindsey Rd btw Guadalupe and Elliot roads) in Gilbert.
I went east as far as Horne and then headed south to Main, where as a bonus there’s a new traffic circle that’s now mostly completed. The light rail’s eastern terminus is somewhere in the vicinity, currently around Mesa Dr, supposed to be built out to Gilbert Rd later this year.
On a second trip traversing the Connector eastbound, I continued along the Consolidated Canal all the way into Gilbert; at Lindsey and the Western Canal Path, then headed west one mile into downtown Gilbert.
The canal paths are generally fine, although the intersections can be a major inconvenience. Some, really many, have demand pushbutton type pedestrian signals that switch very quickly (assuming you didn’t arrive soon after a preceding cycle); others are quite slow taking over a minute to change. On the wider roads, the ped counts down from as much as 30 seconds; and while undoubtedly necessary for a ped, also cause an inconvenience for motorists [some are HAWK-style which present a brief solid red followed by a flashing-red during the ped cycle; but others use regular (red/yellow/green) motorist signals where motorists are facing a solid red the entire ped cycle of as much as ~ 35 seconds]

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