Huge Pileup in Ahwatukee Parking Lot

Just one of the many damaged vehicles in a Fry’s parking lot

No one was hurt only by dumb luck. Seriously, how often does this happen?

There seems to be some disagreement over the exact number of vehicles involved (only 9 or was it 10?)  after the driver losing control and crashing into many other vehicles, in some cases obviously totaled.

The driver was driving an extremely heavy, large SUV when she presumably lost control, possibly due to a “medical incident” and presumably tromped down on the accelerator instead of the brake.

It’s generally understood that the only way to avoid traffic death and injury is to stay inside; but of course even that doesn’t always work…

These incidents are generally considered “non-traffic”; even when they involve serious injuries and fatalities, like when an elderly driver drove into a Spa Pima in Gilbert killing 1 and seriously injuring others… so they don’t “count” statistically as traffic crashes.

Here’s a news item on the Fry’s parking lot melee:

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