Man on bike hit and killed by car in north Phoenix

5/6/2020 Wednesday around 11pm. The bicyclist was 61 y.o. Anthony Groth.

Driver was NB on 7th St; bicyclists was WB on Carol Ave. Police said the bicyclist failed to yield, (Carol Ave would have a stop sign). These directions were per The account at has a slightly different account, saying only that it was 7th Street “near” Hatcher. (Hatcher is parallel to and a few hundred feet south of Carol). So it’s not clear from the news statements whether or not it was at an intersection, or mid-block. The azcentral (Arizona Republic) has some apparent errors, sourced to the Phoenix Police spokesperson.

7th Street is the major (“arterial”) street; Hatcher is a collector, and Carol Ave is a minor street. There is a traffic signal at 7th/Hatcher; and stop signs on Carol at 7th.

The azfamily story also notes that the driver was evaluated for impairment, and some charge is pending without getting into specifics.

The Arizona Republic seems to have mangled something, there is no traffic light at Carol Ave.


Man on bike hit and killed by car in north Phoenix

…According to Sgt. Maggie Cox of the Phoenix Police Department, 61-year-old Michael Anthony Groth was riding his bike near Seventh Street and Hatcher Road just before 11 p.m. when he did not yield to a car heading north. The car, driven by a 26-year-old woman, hit Groth… The driver stayed on scene and was evaluated for impairment. Cox said charges are pending but she did not elaborate.

For the time being, it’s tagged as DUI / open case. From the police statements, it’s unlikely they believe the driver was at fault regardless of impairment; in other words, the charges are likely to be nothing more than a “simple” DUI were she to be found to be impaired at the time.

Damage to the car is concentrated on the left (driver’s side) front.

A cyclist dies after being fatally struck by a car in north Phoenix
Tina Giuliano, Arizona Republic Updated 12:37 p.m. MT May 7, 2020

…Michael Anthony Groth was riding a bicycle westbound on Carol Avenue, near Hatcher Road and 7th Street, just before 11 p.m. Wednesday, Phoenix police Sgt. Maggie Cox said… Groth didn’t stop at a northbound traffic light, and he was struck by a Toyota Corolla driven by a 26-year-old woman, Cox said.
[this must be somehow mangled; there is no traffic light at Carol Ave.; There is a light at Hatcher, but the news reports do seem to agree the crash happened when the bicyclist was WB on Carol Ave.]


2 thoughts on “Man on bike hit and killed by car in north Phoenix”

  1. I am an avid bicyclist and have biked in the Hatcher/7th Street area many times over many years. During the few times I ride at night, I make sure I have the required front white light and red reflector. Day or night, I also stop at stop signs and obey traffic lights, confounding so many other cyclists who blow right through them without a thought. Too many cyclists, both in this part of town and throughout the area, don’t follow the traffic rules. It’s a tragedy that Groth paid for his transgression with his life — but if he had lived, certainly the police would have cited him for his apparent failure to yield.

  2. JT, how do we know that is what happened? The cyclist is dead and the only other witnesses mentioned was impaired. It is possible that is the story being told is not what happened since no one is around to dispute it.

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