SUSPECT ARRESTED; driver kills man on Northern Ave, Glendale

Alexandra Mendez arrested.  Suspected driver in fatal Hit And Run and manslaughter. photo: MSCO

[ SUSPECT ARRESTED: Alexandra Mendez in connection with this fatal hit and run. By the way, “people” often say hit-and-run drivers not immediately captured in effect can’t be prosecuted  — tell that to Christophen Wakefield Chevalier who went to prison for 5 years after driving up on a Phoenix sidewalk in 2013 killing someone and fleeing. He did his best to hide the car, but it just wasn’t good enough]

HIT AND RUN ALERT; suspect vehicle believed to be a blue 2017 or 2018 Ford Fusion (see MSCO bulletin below). Area of Northern Avenue near Reems Road, Glendale, Sunday 12/19/2021 @ 6:51pm…

12/19/2021 6:51pm Northern Ave east of Reems Rd Hit and run driver fatally struck bicyclist 29-year-old Chris Owan and fled westbound on Northern Avenue. Suspect vehicle is described here.

This area is near Luke AFB, and is semi-rural. A sample location shows a very broad right-of-way but only two lanes (one lane in each direction) is paved with the rest being wide unpaved shoulders. The reports don’t indicate where on the road the driver struck the bicyclist; drivers who flee are more than likely to be impaired so it’s likely the driver was partially or completely off the paved portion and struck/sideswiped the bicyclist with the right side of his vehicle. [tagging both drifted and strike-from-behind until the report comes out]

That the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (and not Glendale PD) is investigating implies it is in unincorporated area.

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Criminal Case

Alexandra Mendez  was arrested in early early January on suspicion of hit/run fatal. According to MSCO/court documents, she was drinking at Coyote Cafe (about 3 miles away) prior to the collision, from which she fled.

The suspect vehicle was found 12/25, many days after the death.

See other instances of prosecutions involving only circumstantial evidence.

The suspect had a speeding ticket in avondale muni court in July 2019. 00701052983 1 SPEED GREATER THAN REASONABLE AND PRUDENT; and some sort of criminal troubles (an F3 plead down to an F6 apparently involving theft valued at $12,100) in 2016 that has yet to be resolved Maricopa County Superior court CR-2016145723. (minutes); there are some case minutes regarding probation revocation hearing 1/6/2022 that might have been a result of her arrest(?)

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  1. Thank you. This is the most comprehensive info I’ve found on this so far. I wish the police had shared more information so that those of us who ride might learn some lessons from this. The little I know about bicycle safety is that most serious injuries occur near intersections. This appears to be a different type of accident so more info would be helpful.

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