Cyclist killed, another injured in Chandler crash

10/1/2016 fatal victim: female. Northbound on Arizona Avenue near Ryan Road.

This is only a couple of miles from the scene of another fatality in April on Riggs Road near Arizona Ave.  Donald Neu  was struck and killed by a driver who “drifted” into the rather wide, designated BL.

I don’t know what “criminal charges are possible” means; but once more-serious criminal charges have been ruled out — cases where a same-direction motorist drifts causing a rear-end collsion with a bicyclist in a bike lane (or a shoulder), on its face, should trigger a misdemeanor “causing death by moving violation” charge, see arizona-already-has-a-vulnerable-user-law

The nature of this road appears to be wide/many lanes with designated bike lanes.

Chandler police investigating deadly vehicle vs. bicycle collision

CHANDLER, AZ – Chandler police are investigating a deadly collision between a car and bicyclist.

According to police, a vehicle driving northbound on Arizona Avenue near Ryan Road struck two bicyclist early Saturday morning.

Both victims were transported to the hospital, where one woman died of her injuries.

The woman’s name hasn’t been released and the condition of the other rider is unknown.

Police believe distraction may be the cause of the collision and criminal charges are possible against the driver.

I never saw any follow up, but the victim was referred to in later news stories related to testimony in cell/texting ban laws, e.g. this EV Trib story from early 2017:

Debbie Thornberry, 65, of Chandler, was not so lucky. A physically-fit woman, she was riding her bicycle north on Arizona Avenue, near Ryan Road, on Oct. 1 when she was struck and killed. The driver told police that he had dropped his cellphone and had taken his eyes off the road while trying to find it. Police suspect he was texting.

The Berards and Linda Lockman of Gilbert, Thornberry’s sister, want to spare others from the needless heartbreak caused by distracted driving. They don’t know each other, but they have a special bond as victims. They want Arizona to finally pass a bill outlawing texting while driving to send the public a strong message about the inherent dangers. — EV Tribune


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